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Girls ready to rejoin school with hijab

CAPTION ADDITION - updated information - Girls attend a class after their school reopened in Kabul on March 23, 2022. - The Taliban ordered girls' secondary schools in Afghanistan to shut on March 23 just hours after they reopened, an official confirmed, sparking confusion and heartbreak over the policy reversal by the hardline Islamist group. (Photo by Ahmad SAHEL ARMAN / AFP) / CAPTION ADDITION (Photo by AHMAD SAHEL ARMAN/AFP via Getty Images)

Girls in Kabul and a number of provinces are asking for the reopening of their schools.
On the 23rd of March of the current year, school doors opened for boys (1 – 12 grade) and girls (1 – 6 grade) after eight-month of school suspension, but schools doors for girls (7 – 12 grade) remained closed. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has repeatedly said that work on a plan for opening the girls schools from 7 – 12 classes is underway, promising to soon open doors for girls studying from 7 – 12 grade.
According to the IEA, whenever a special dress is designed in accordance to the Islamic sharia, tradition and Afghani culture, the doors of schools to Afghan girls will reopen.
Currently, almost all Afghan girls and their parents are waiting to hear the news about the reopening of their schools. A number of female students say they are ready to go to school in case they get open.
“All girls are ready to observe the Islamic hijab (veil) upon going to school. We’re happy to live under the Islamic rule, but asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to reopen doors to girls so that they are not deprived from studying and education,” said Samira Sangin, a female students.
Roya Samim, another female student who has been deprived from education, says she wanted to be a doctor to serve the people.
“After years of continued war in Afghanistan, peace returns and security has improved unprecedentedly in the country,” said the Afghan female student.
She asked the Islamic Emirate to reopen the doors of girls’ schools to Afghan girls so that they can effectively make use of the peaceful environment and get education.
“If we want to have a development country, we need to seek knowledge and go to school as working for a development Afghanistan is not possible without seeking knowledge and education,” Roya said, asking the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan to provide both girls and boys with opportunity and facilities in which they can have access to get education.
Maryam Rezayee has similar views in connection with the reopening of girls schools in the country. She asked the Islamic Emirate (IEA) to reopen schools for girls studying 7 – 12 class. This comes amid of increasing concern over continued suspension of girl’s schools in the country.
Saida Ahmadi

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