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Ghazi Wakil Ahmad and killing Italian invaders

Memories of Jihad

Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi

Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Publication

Monday 18/3/1392 (coinciding Monday 2013/06/08)

Some people may be small, but can do great things, they inspire the people, they make history, and they make the religion, the country and the people proud forever.
I mean a 16-year-old Wakil Ahmad, from Wariya village of Farah province’s Farahrud district.
Yes, although he was physically weak, he did such a great job that his name will forever be recorded in the list of heroes.
I was not happy that day when it was confirmed to me that one Italian soldier was killed and three others seriously injured in this incident.
I don’t want you be waiting long, let’s go to the main goal,
Once, I asked him, who encouraged you to do this?
“One day I was on my way from the center of Farah towards Farahrud, where, I saw a number of civilians in the Kanask area of Bala Blook, who had come out in the form of a demonstration,” he replied.
I asked why they [the people] have poured into the street?
Americans have desecrated the Holy Quran, so they want to condemn this act of the Americans, someone answered.
Then I thought with my heart that they (the Americans) have promised that they have come to build this country and here they move up and down in our land, and then they desecrate our Holy Quran, the youngster Wakil Ahmad explained.
He, then changed his mind and made a firm plan to take revenge from the invaders.
I intended to attack the invaders in a suicide attack, if I could find an explosive device, and then take them to the tank of the foreigners and blow them up, but after consulting, I gave up on this plan.
Then I came to the Herat military corps to register for military training and would attack the commander of the corps, if I managed, but unfortunately, I couldn’t arrange the plan and ultimately returned to Farah province, he continued.
Here, I took preparation for an effective attack on the enemy and after much thought, I made a plan in my mind that I would throw a grenade at the invaders and run away from the area in a hurry, Wakil Ahmad said.
Now the problem was how to find a grenade because some members of our family actually worked in the security organs of the Kabul administration and the Mujahidin could not trust me, but after many efforts, I was able to find a grenade.
I made a plan so that when any armored tank of foreign invaders was patrolling the city, I would throw a hand grenade at their vehicle.
So, I did this. I came to the market and waited next to a shop. I pretended to sit because I was young and physically weak, so maybe no one would have thought about me.
After waiting for a while, four Humvee tanks of the enemy arrived from Farah Road. With trust in Allah, I prepared a grenade, got so close to the first tank that my hand could reach it and threw it towards the tank saying Takbeer (Allah Akbar). The grenade was thrown in the middle of the tank, and when I moved my foot from the knife, it exploded and the grenade hit the Humvee, so I was sure that I hit the target, I ran away from the area and hid myself to a safe place.
This incident challenged the enemy’s rule in the heart of the city of Farah and relaxed the hearts of the believers (of Allah the Almighty) after succeeding against foreign invaders.
According to my accurate information, one Italian invader was killed and three others critically injured in the incident, while later the enemy also confirmed their casualties.
Wakil Ahmad went on as saying: After a few days, I made a plan again, took out a grenade and released it to the enemy’s Humvee, but unfortunately, at the same time, a car in which a government official was riding, came along and created an obstacle between me and the tank. So, instead of hitting the tank, the grenade hit the road.
When I was taken into detention, the Americans questioned me several times and said: “He is too young to do this. We should identify those who have lured and induced him to launch the attack.”
The court sentenced me to seven and a half years of imprisonment for killing foreign invaders, some of which I spent in Farah and some in Bagram prisons. When a peace agreement was signed between the Islamic Emirate and the Americans, I was one of 5,000 prisoners released as a result,” Wakil Ahmad told me.
Humvee is a nickname for HMMWV, which stands for High-Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle – its full military designation. It is used across the world. Though its largest market is in America where it is used extensively by the U.S. Army.
Its high-profile use during the Gulf War made it very popular among both military and civilians, and eventually inspired the civilian ‘Hummer’ vehicle.

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