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Germany seeking lasting peace in Afghanistan

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: German military forces commander in Afghanistan’s north has said that his country wanted a lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.
Germany would continue its military presence in Afghanistan, unless violation was ended and a lasting peace and security ensured, said German forces commander Gen. Yourgin Bruits in a meeting he was introduced as a replacement with the former chief, Gen. Klafoz to head German forces within the Resolute Support stationed in the north.
“German troops and other forces under my command, within the Resolute Support Mission (RSM), would continue training, advising and equipping the Afghan forces,” he added.
He said that terrorists are making effort to create fear and dread among the people by launching attacks and bombing, but the Afghan forces have the capability to push back terrorist attacks.
Afghan analysts also believed that the NATO member countries, particularly Germany should pressure on the regional countries to honestly step up for helping Afghanistan reach lasting peace.
Haroon Mir in a briefing told The Kabul Times the international community should not let Afghanistan once again turn into the terrorists safe-haven.
“We would get nearer to peace, if our security forces stand on their feed, by the international military mentors. They should be trained and equipped enough, as the country’s forces are direly in need of NATO forces cooperation,” said Mir.
Jamal Farahmand, another military analyst said if the available counter-terrorism strategy was completely applied, then the terrorists’ infiltration into Afghanistan and the region would be prevented.
“The terrorists financial, production and training centers should be focused more to help the country, region and the world get rid their evil acts,” said the analyst.
He said Afghanistan was never capable to fight terrorism by its own, there was a need for the international community’s comprehensive cooperation in this field.
Ali Rahmani another political analyst said the people of Afghanistan worry about the recent US plan to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan, after reaching a peace agreement with the Taliban.
“The pullout would help insurgency and terrorist groups’ activities intensify further than ever and would be another headache for the Afghans,” he warned.
Germany has snice a while cooperated with Afghanistan in various fields, with an effective military cooperation since the last many years.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.