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Geneva summit & Int’l community’s support to Afghanistan

The two-day summit in Geneva started yesterday and is billed as a platform for the government of Afghanistan to renew its commitment to reform and discuss aid contribution in its bid to achieve stability and security.
A spokesperson to Presidential office says Afghanistan government hopes that the international community and donor countries will further help the country in economic section.
“Our key message to the international community and donor countries is that Afghanistan can be changed from a dependent to an effective partner country to the international community and we hope that donor countries will cooperate with Afghanistan in marketing and investment insurances’ sections,” said Shah Hussain Murtazavi, deputy spokesperson to President Ghani.
Murtazavi added that various meetings will be held in sideline of the summit such as women empowerment, human rights, regional development, private sector, education, counter corruption and regional connectivity and infrastructure. It is also determined that despite of focusing on the development and the economy of Afghanistan, the two-day summit will also focus on Afghanistan peace process as peace efforts have been accelerated recently by both Afghanistan and US governments. In the summit, Afghanistan government will also seek support for the country’s peace process.
The two-day summit in Geneva comes at a time when Afghanistan and U.S. are seeking a peace deal with the Taliban group.
The United Nations, which is co-hosting the summit at the city’s Palais des Nations with the Afghan government, says the conference “will also be crucial in measuring results against the $15.2 billion committed by the international community for Afghanistan in 2016”.
The Afghan delegation is expected to present its growth strategy, ranging from maintaining security and building infrastructure to fighting corruption and Afghan women empowerment.They also plan to emphasize the continued need for constructive contribution from the international community and donor countries.
The two-day summit in Geneva is attended by foreign ministers from 62 nations and delegations of 35 donor organizations. Afghan officials also say the summit will give a change to the government of Afghanistan to call on the international community to support an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace process.
In previous Brussels summit, Afghanistan government had committed to implementation practical steps and reforms in six key sections such as reforms in electoral system, reforms in security section, reforms in the country’s finance and economic section, providing management facilities to Afghan women under women empowerment program and counter corruption.
Afghanistan government has claimed fulfilling of nearly 40 percent of its commitments with the international community under the National Framework of Peace and Development, while 60 percent of the commitments are under way and will be fulfilled within the coming three years.
It is worth mentioning that the Geneva Ministerial Conference on Peace, Development and Self-Reliance in Afghanistan is slated for Nov 27-28 and will gather donors, partners and concerned international organizations that had announced their commitments to supporting peace, stability, reconstruction and development efforts in Afghanistan.
Lailuma Noori

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