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Geneva Conference to review Afghanistan, int’l community’s bilateral commitments

Geneva Ministerial Conference is expected to be held on Nov. 28 and the government of Afghanistan is preparing for it.
Afghanistan’s foreign ministry has met with a number of participant countries’ ambassadors and UN special representative and discussed issues related to the conference.
The ministry is getting prepared for Geneva Conference, thus, we have met a number of participant countries’ ambassadors as well as UN special representative and soon we will hold many other meetings in this respect, the ministry’s spokesperson, Sebghatullah Ahmadi said.
The government of Afghanistan is expected to be accountable to international community about its commitments made in Brussels summit.
Rule of law, fighting corruption, regional connectivity, economic and reforms growth are among the Afghan government’s commitments made in Brussels summit.
Two months ago, acting minister of foreign affairs, Salahuddin Rabbani in an informative meeting held in UN headquarter in New York said Geneva conference was the beginning of a new stage in Afghanistan’s partnership with international community aims to improve the country’s situation.
The government of Afghanistan has already said it would attend the conference with a series of new commitments.
At the same time, calling Geneva conference important to the country, a number of political experts said Afghanistan could draw long-term assistance and cooperation of the international community in the conference.
Likewise, considering the ongoing situation, they expressed their concern over drawing the international community’s satisfaction.
They believe that the government of Afghanistan have had many achievements in some sections in order to draw the international community’s satisfaction in the conference.
Besides, a number of organs such as UNAMA that are constant partner of the Afghan government assure that Afghanistan would attend the meeting with relative preparations.
UN office deputy in Kabul said Geneva conference would further focus on policy, strategy, peace efforts and stability in Afghanistan.
70 countries and 20 international entities had been attended in Brussels summit that was held in Oct. 4 and 5, 2016 in Belgium’s capital, during which they vowed to assist $2.15 billion to Afghanistan’s development section by 2020.
After holding an international meeting held in Kabul on October, 2017, President Ghani and finance minister asked the United Nations to hold a ministerial conference in 2018.
It is still unclear which countries would attend the conference.
Considering the security situation and development requirements, the Afghan government said it needed international community’s assistances to properly execute self-reliance strategy.

Lailuma Noori

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