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Gaza’s silent killings: The destruction of healthcare system in Gaza

Gaza’s healthcare system has been devastated, with men, women and children at increasing risk of acute malnutrition and with their physical and mental health deteriorating rapidly. This is according to a most recent report by Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) titled Gaza’s Silent Killings: The Destruction of the Healthcare System and the Struggle for Survival in Rafah. More than six months into the war in Gaza, the devastation extends far beyond those killed and injured by Israeli bombardments and airstrikes. The report describes the massive struggle faced by Palestinians in Gaza to access medical care and warns of large numbers of preventable deaths caused by disruptions to critical healthcare. “How many children have already died of pneumonia in overwhelmed hospitals?” asks Mari-Carmen Viñoles, Head of MSF Emergency Programmes. “How many babies have died because of preventable diseases? How many patients suffering from diabetes are left untreated? What about the deadly consequences of the closure of kidney dialysis units in attacked hospitals? These are the silent killings of Gaza not reported in all this chaos, caused by the collapse of the healthcare system across Gaza.” MSF teams working in Rafah report that the decimated healthcare system and inhumane living conditions also raise the risk of disease outbreaks, malnutrition and the long-term impact of psychological trauma. The organization warns that a military incursion in Rafah, on top of the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza, would be an unfathomable catastrophe and calls for an immediate and sustained ceasefire. Under the threat of aerial bombardment, an estimated 1.7 million men, women and children have been forcibly displaced to Rafah, a tiny sliver of land in the south of the Gaza Strip. However, even in Rafah the civilian population has not found safety. Military operations are ongoing in Rafah and the confirmed threat of a fullscale imminent military incursion by Israeli forces looms over the population, who now face the risk of death by disease or starvation in a place where the healthcare system has been decimated. According to the report, on 13 October 2023, MSF medical teams, alongside the civilian population, were forced to evacuate from north to south Gaza, where they rapidly established emergency medical responses in Rafah and Deir AlBalah. MSF has observed a stark deterioration in people’s health conditions in Rafah. As a result of the siege on Gaza, acute malnutrition is emerging with alarming rapidity, despite being almost entirely absent prior to the current conflict. From January to March 2024, MSF teams registered 216 cases of moderate and severe acute malnutrition in two primary healthcare centers alone. The lives of people who fled bombardment are now at risk due to the looming threat of disease outbreaks in Rafah, where living conditions are dire, where there is a desperate shortage of clean water for drinking or bathing, and where rubbish and raw sewage accumulate in the streets. MSF teams are providing more than 5,000 medical consultations every week in two clinics alone. According to the report, more than 40 percent of MSF patients have upper respiratory tract infections linked to poor living conditions. Rates of diarrhea are reportedly 25 times higher than prior to the conflict and hepatitis A is on the rise. As this catastrophe unfolds, the collective capacity of the humanitarian community to respond at the scale required has been hindered by the insecurity and by restrictions imposed by the Israeli authorities on vital supplies entering the Gaza Strip. It says people’s needs are skyrocketing and the healthcare system no longer has the capacity to respond. One by one, hospitals in Gaza are being rendered inoperable as they are attacked, damaged or destroyed by Israeli forces, or have insufficient fuel and other supplies to provide services. With this, people with other types of medical needs, such as pregnant women with complications and people living with chronic conditions, are unable to receive the care they require. Gaza’s entire healthcare system has been decimated and the population is under siege. Without access to medical care, thousands more lives will be lost, beyond those killed in the Israeli bombardments seen in the news – these are Gaza’s “silent killings”. It is worth mentioning that the devastating war in Gaza has entered to its six months, martyring 32,000 Palestinians and injuring over 75,000, mostly women and children. There are reports that an estimated 8,000 Palestinians remain trapped under rubble. Javed

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