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Gaza war; historic shame on the Arab world

The U.S. is standing with the Israelis and supporting them spiritually, psychologically, and militarily, but the Arab world, especially a number of countries of the Islamic world, has kept silent and say nothing. They even say nothing for supporting the Palestinians verbally, physically (military), or through mediation. It has been necessary for the Islamic world to raise their voice and openly support the Palestinians, like the United States, which supports Israel. The Islamic world should have stood with the Palestinians and defended Palestine against Israel. If anyone thinks that the Palestinians first attacked Israel, they should know that it was actually the right of Palestinians to attack Israel as they had no other choice but to defend their homeland. Also, it has been a century since the Israelis unjustly forced, coerced and occupied the geog raphy of Palestine without any valid reason. The Israelis are mocking the values there as the Palestinians do not have human rights. The Palestinians were forced and had no other choice, except defending their home and standing against the Israelis. As it is now, the Palestinians are being martyred and their homes are being bombed by the Israeli forces, the world is just watching closely instead of taking serious actions against the Israeli’s brutalities. The whole world sees that the U.S. is standing by Israel so firmly that it doesn’t listen to anyone’s words, and Israel is also acting behind the scenes on what America is giving orders, and they are telling the international community verbally that they and the Americans know what they do, and the world does not know. Following the American policy, today the entire infidel world has risen up against the oppressed Palestinians. No matter how many Palestinians are martyred and wounded and what is the situation in there, others do not have the right to raise their voice. It is strange that the level of human rights voices against another country like Afghanistan is so high that the whole world hears it with one voice. Israel must understand the fact that America will not be always on their side, there will come a time when the blood of the martyred Palestinians in the line of aid will form a movement and first-hand take revenge from the oppressors, and no problem if today the Islamic world has lost the courage to support the Palestinians. This point should also be noted that America’s current friendship is not for the benefit of Israel, but it will end up in such a way that it will be the cause of their annihilation as everything has a beginning and an end except for Allah, and the light of the oppressor will never be extinguished. Sediq Logarwal

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.