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Gaza still reeling from bloodshed: I cannot forget the pain, Afghan youth

Innocent civilians are still the victim of devastating and unrelenting bombings and missile attacks by the Zionist regime forces in the Gaza Strip and Rafah Township, since the start of war in the enclave nearly one year ago. After the eruption of war between the Hamas Resistance Movement and the occupying Israeli forces, nearly 37 thousands of Gazans, mostly civilians including children and women have been killed and tens of thousands wounded. “I can’t forget the reports describing the pains and bloodshed, suffering by the Palestinians whose children are everyday victims of the regime forces bombings,” said Sayed Mukhtar, a Kabul resident. Mukthar who said he never supports terrorist activities said the main aim of the Hamas Resistance Movement forces is to have the Palestinians’ occupied lands returned. But when the Zionist regime denies their rights and in addition resorts to the Gazans’ killings and further developing their building townships on their lands. “So they have no choice except to resort to defending themselves and their lands against the occupying regime,” he added. Mukhtar who runs by one name continued as saying that when he follows audio-visual media, he mostly turns on the news channels, watching news about the still ongoing Gaza conflict, which he said is really heartbreaking for him. “I regularly watch TV mostly turning on CNN news channel for any development in the Gaza conflict, but nothing I hear and watch except bad news and bitter stories on killing children, women and eld        erlies in the Israeli regime’s attacks on Gaza,” he regretted. Not only Gaza, Rafah, another township, has also turned into the bloodiest site after the regime forces made offensives towards it, following the pummeling of the enclave. The issue of killing innocent Muslims and genocide going on by the Zionist regime has become an everyday bitter and unpleasant tale of the Afghans, particularly since the beginning of the regime attacks on the Palestinians and the exact reports about the support of the Western countries, particularly, America more than ten months ago. Most of the youths; male or female, even youngsters narrate the bloodshed report to each other, at schools, universities, along the streets, or when going to their works or offices. Mahmoud who has come from Mazar-e-Sharif to run a small enterprise in Kabul, said that he could never remove what is happening in Gaza and Rafah, where his Muslim brothers and sisters are victimizing their lives for their rights. “I am not racist. One should say the truth. The Palestinians are fighting for their rights and their rights should be given to them. The international community should unbiasedly resolve the problems and put an end to the decades-long tensions,” he said adding nothing worse will happen after a peaceful solution between the two sides. Mahmoud who is a university graduate of the Law Faculty, blamed Western powers, particularly the U.S. for fueling the tensions, not only in Palestine, but also around the world. “It [the U.S.] has widened its interferences in the world; in Ukraine, Taiwan, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other parts of the world, flaming devastating war and creating discords among the nations worldwide.” This is correct that Western powers are seeking their own goals by fueling wars among the nations, but the leaders of the victim nations should be vigilant about their interests and should not be deceived by their conspiracies. They should get united in defending their lands and their people. They should know the malicious targets of the Western powers and those who are working hard to create discord among the nations to find their goals achieved. They should know that the so-called United Nations is not working for their interest, as the organization has been founded and used for the interest of the Western and European powers. When they get united and develop their own real targets of serving their nations; they will indefinitely be supported against any alien powers by their nations and then no power would come to break them and their unity. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has frequently called on the two sides of the war in Gaza to stop killing innocents and address the tension through diplomatic channels. Also, the people of Palestine should be given their rights which are their lands and an independent state, as dozens of world governments have recognized it as an independent state and the number to recognize it, is growing. Inam Hashemi

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