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Gaza; a defense frontline for Islamic Ummah

The war between Muslims and infidels has a very long history. But every time, the infidels committed massive crimes and violated human rights and the laws of war. The war between the Palestinians and the Zionist occupants has been going on for decades, with different forms. In the ongoing war, the Zionist regime has violated all international laws and regulations. Since October 7th last year, Gaza has been in a very difficult situation, tens of thousands of innocent Muslims have been martyred, thousands injured and thousands more have gone missing. Due to the atrocities of the invaders, all the residents of Gaza have been forced to leave their areas. Almost the entire infrastructure of Gaza has been destroyed while the Zionist regime is yet to quit war and bloodshed. The oppressed Palestinians are now facing severe hunger and according to a report from the Human Rights Watch, the residents of Gaza who survived the war, are now facing the highest level of threat due to hunger and various diseases. But despite all these problems, Hamas and other resistance groups for the freedom of Palestine and Jerusalem continue their jihad and war on the invaders with full strength, successful strategy and bravery. Some of the military experts in the Middle East, Europe and Israel themselves believe that the Zionist regime has not yet achieved any of its goals, but in addition, it is facing severe military, political and economic pressures at the national and international levels. The most important aspect of this war is that the Zionist regime not only has complete control over Gaza and the West Bank but also intends to invade the neighboring Arab countries. Gaza alone is on the frontline of defense of the Islamic world, the Muslims of Gaza are not only fighting for their survival and freedom of their territory but also for the interests of the entire Islamic world are their gratification. It was necessary for the Islamic world to stand with the oppressed Palestinian nation in this war, but not only they did not fulfill their responsibility in this war, but some of them also point fingers at Hamas for starting the conflict, while Some maintained warm relations with the regime and the west. History will record how many sacrifices and masterpieces, the Palestinian Muslims have made on behalf of the entire Islamic Ummah in the Gaza war, but unfortunately, the world, especially the Islamic and Arab countries, are in deep sleep.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.