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G7 calls for an urgent ceasefire, end to violence, prolonged peace

By: Monitoring Desk

On Wednesday the group of seven or G7 has called for an inclusive political settlement aimed at just, durable and sustainable peace in Afghanistan.
In a released statement G7 Foreign and Development Ministers said that it supports the continuance of peace, intra-Afghan negotiations, and the upcoming Istanbul summit on Afghanistan reconciliation.
“It is important that countries in the region continue to work together to support efforts for peace”.
G7 urged all Afghan parties to renew their full commitment to the peace process in Afghanistan.The organization also promised to continue advocating for meaningful participation and inclusion of women, young people, and minority groups in all of the discussions about Afghanistan’s future.
“We also endorse mechanisms that allow the negotiating parties to include the diverse perspectives of Afghan civil society.
“We support the desire of Afghans to live in peace and prosperity, building on the positive economic, social and political achievements of the last 20 years”, the group stated.
G7 members focused on efforts to protect the rights of every Afghan, including women, youngsters, and minority groups, who fought for decades to gain the moral and legal entitlement, enjoyed and valued it.
“G7 members commit to using international development assistance, advocacy and diplomacy to support the people of Afghanistan’s aspirations. Current and future support to the Afghan government relies on the adherence to the principles set out in the Afghanistan Partnership Framework and progress towards the outcomes in the Afghanistan National Peace and Development Framework II as decided upon at the November 2020 Geneva donors’ conference,” read the statement.
G7 also called for an immediate ceasefire, an end to attacks on civilians, including targeted killings of journalists, women, and human rights defenders.
“We call for a significant reduction in violence as a pathway to a comprehensive ceasefire. We urge all parties to allow safe, unhindered humanitarian access to those in need”, G7 stated.
Reports indicate that the Taliban and other militant groups are primarily responsible for many of the violent acts in the country.Early reports also show both US, the International community, and the Afghan government blamed the group for escalated violence.
US CENTCOM General Kenneth F. McKenzie, Jr. speaking at a virtual Beirut Institute summit in February said: “I place a large measure of the blame on the Taliban who have continued to mount offensive operations and targeted killings of Afghan officials but the excessive violence has led the government to launch their own defensive operations to protect themselves – the violence while too high on both sides”.
G7 is an intergovernmental organization consisting of Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the Uk, the seven countries involved are also IMF(International Monetary)-advanced economies in the world.

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