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From Palestine to Andalusia

What happened to the Muslims when they lost the Andalusia on the 2nd of Rabi al Awal’s 798 lunar year? They started to get sick and weak due to their domestic conflicts and quarrels, but despite these weaknesses, they did not forget Andalusia. Those who left Andalusia were still thinking of returning one day, but they were helpless. With passing months, years, and finally centuries, they have forgotten Andalusia, and the current Spain took its place and position although the Muslims ruled Andalusia for 800 years. After losing the Andalusia, the last Amir of Granada, Abu Abdullah Mohammad alSaghir, was standing on a hill in vicinity of Qasr al -Hamra (Red Palace) crying and bid farewell to Granada. His mother Aisha was at home and told him: “As men, you could not defend the Granada, so now crying like women cannot help and do anything for Granada”. Yesterday, Christians used to kill the Muslims in Andalusia, while today the Jews are looting Gaza, martyring Palestinian children, women, and young and aged people. Today, the innocent Palestinians martyred due to indiscriminate and relentless attacks by Israel are brought out from under the rubble on daily basis. It is the habit of the enemies of Muslims to kill the innocent and go for mass murder of humanity. The Spanish also martyr the Muslims or forced them to migrate. At first, the Muslims of the world used to keep Andalusia in their prayers. But with passing months and then years, the Muslims moved to other places and left it and Christians took their place as there are now 200,000 Muslims living there. During the course of history, such incidents did not occur, and no places have been forcefully captured by the Muslims. Today, no signs that show Muslims have ever lived in Andalusia can be found. There are few signs of Islam and Muslims there and few mosques that have been now changed to Churches. There have been many Islamic countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and others that have been once occupied. Besides, our country Afghanistan has been invaded by the British, Russians and recently the U.S. and NATO member countries. The respective countries’ people have been martyred, wounded, imprisoned and displaced, but they did not forget their countries. The Afghans have been also displaced and faced with forced migration to other countries, but they did not forget their country and finally freed their country following lots of sacrifices. There have been countries such as Egypt, Syria, Sudan, Libya and Iraq that were under invasion for long years, but their people are still Muslims. Nevertheless, Andalusia is not the previous Andalusia as with passing centuries, the Muslims have forgotten it as they have chosen this world. There is a clear differentiation between Palestine and Andalusia and it will be explained in the below lines. Mohammad Yaqoob Nayel To be continued

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.