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From Maseed to Dawar deaths; the Pashtuns cohesion

The killing of Pashtun and Baloch masses, is not the first attempt nor the last one by Pakistan establishment alongside the history, and this is a regular action on which is resulted in by assassinating, torturing and missing of Pashtuns and Balochs. This brutal action of genocide takes long since the Soviet Union operated an illegal invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan attained an occasion to have wide-range penetration in Afghanistan’s internal and external affairs; started to assist with Afghanistan’s Jihad resistant, and accepted the Afghan immigrants across the Pakistan, to an extent, Afghanistan fell in hand of Pakistan until the U.S. with support of international community overturned Taliban regime in 2001 not giving the Al-Qaida leader Osama Bin-Laden to U.S. who was accused in September 11 attacks of New York two high trade buildings.
As Pakistan was one of the strategic friend of U.S. in the region and helped in collapse of Taliban regime with United States of America; played insincerity and doubled-game based on its own benefits, in which earned billions of dollars from U.S. to fight against terrorists in tribal areas alongside informal Durand line. Pakistan for obtaining American dollars started barbaric activities in Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtonkhwa states killed thousands of innocent civilians through its military operations which were performed by Pakistan army and Intelligence Service Institution (ISI) by the name of terrorists, indeed, they were innocent civilians of tribal areas. Pakistan not only foiled terrorists’ roots demanding of U.S. but cleverly cultivated terrorism in both sides of imaginary Durand-line by engendering various terrorist groups to exploit for the political aims in last 17 years. In this case, the Pakistan army incessantly executed oppressions in tribal areas which martyred many innocent Pashtuns including tribal elders, scholars, women and children in South and North Waziristan’s and damaged their properties as well as started target killing of Pashtuns and Balochs in other states of Pakistan especially in Karachi.
The residents in both sides of imaginary Durand-line which are recognized onLAR AW BAR Pashtuns (Up and Down Pashtun residents between both sides of Durand line) firmly suppressed by Pakistan establishment based on different fake charges by different terrorist groups which have beenmade by its army and intelligence services.Due to these tragic atrocities no one could courage to stand against these egregious acts of Pakistan establishment whether someone criticized on its illicit courses, he/she will be killed mysteriously anywhere in Pakistan, for instance, the assassinating of Naqeebullah Maseed and Tahir Dawar are the visible evidences of the Pashtun and Baloch masses in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Naqeebullah Maseed the handsome guy, a shopkeeper in Karachi, who had a spectacular height of body with having long hairs, was from Waziristan and assassinated in Karachi at the beginning of January, 2018 by a police officer named Raw Anwar – Raw Anwar cited that Maseed had relations with Pakistani Taliban and killed in fight with police clash. It was another horrific assassination which inferred the wrath of Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the act of police officer strongly condemned in social media requested to scrutinize the assassinating of Naqeebullah Maseed, and a long march of Pashtuns from Waziristan to Islamabad started – requesting justice for martyred Maseed in a ten days sit-in in Islamabad. Although, the Pakistan government did nothing to be seeker of justice regarding Maseed murdering, but murdering of this young guy extinguished the calmness of Pashtuns against the crimes of Pakistan establishment in Islamabad sit-in. Hereby, for the first time, they fully raised the voice of the right and justicefor Pashtuns which they could not do it before, Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen from Waziristan was among of the youths who undauntedly blamed the Pakistan army and its intelligence services of killing Pashtuns and Balochs masses as well as supporting of terrorism in Pashtuns and Balochs areas. It was the voice of Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen represented of all suffered and bereaved Pashtuns – he namedthis movement “Pashtun Tahafuz Movement” (PTM) and quickly garnered thousands of Pashtuns on him with the slogan of “what kind of freedom is this”. So, this man[Manzoor Pashteen] routinely organized the gatherings in all Pakistan based on scheduled where supported immensely by Pashtuns in Pakistan and Afghanistan – read painful stories by bereaved families in each gathering that led to shed tears from eyes of people.Somehow, it unified Pashtuns especially LAR AW BAR Pashtuns where are they living in both sides of Durand line. The Pakistan army and intelligence service from the first cohesion of Pashtuns still seeks to find rifts in Pashtuns Tahafuz Movement to diverge them and then misuse it as political aims, therefore, many members of the PTM arrested and killed mysteriously– the last assassination was of Tahir Dawar, a police officer in Peshawar and missed in Islamabad then found his dead body in Nangarhar province near to Durand line November 13, 2018, as Tahir Dawar was the supporter of PTM and Pakistan wanted to create divergence in LAR AW BAR Pashtuns unity, so, they delivered of Tahir Dawar dead body near to Nangarhar to show that Tahir Dawar has killed in Afghanistan. The Pashtun tribes perceived the story root immediately and cited, the assassination of Tahir Dawar relates to Pakistan establishment, no one can deceive Pashtuns anymore – LAR AW BAR PASHTUNS will be always in solidarity and cohesion, only Pakistan establishment is responsible assassinating of Tahir Dawar. In meantime, the same reactions provoked in Afghanistan too. Both sides Pashtuns tribal leaders of Durand line agreed to hand over Dawar dead body to PTM members instead of Pakistan government, this act made Pakistan government angry and Afghanistan’s tribal leaders hand over Dawar dead body to PTM with dignity in Turnham border.
Despite of Pakistan army and intelligence service are lingering to suppress both sides of Pashtuns to bring rifts in its unity, but it is clear that Pashtuns have the shared culture, belief and religion which will never divide them. Currently, the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement has been emerged as a leverage which is being supported strongly inside and outside of Pakistan; the Pakistan establishment will never prosper to divide it into pieces. Therefore, it will be better for Pakistan government to relinquish of Pashtuns oppressions and tortures’ and let them to live in peace and stability. Otherwise, Pakistan will be entangled in drastic troubles. Meanwhile, Pakistan is famous on international stage supporting of terrorism which has destabilized the both sides of Durand line and deprived the Pashtuns and Balochs people from educations and other facilities as well as constantly dispatching arms groups to Afghanistan for making insecurity.
Therefore, Pakistan government has to review on its internal and external policies to choose such a way that is useful and ensure the stability and security in the region.

 Masomjan Masomy
Research Assistant in Journalism Institute at Afghanistan Academy of Sciences

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