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Fresh fruits, vegetables products increased in Nangarhar

Nangarhar local officials have informed of increasing production of fresh vegetables comparing to the previous year. According to Nangarhar officials, hundreds of tons of fresh vegetables have been produced in the province, showing an increase over last year’s produce. Meanwhile, a number of people in Nangarhar by expressing happiness over increasing in production of fresh vegetables said that Afghan traders should first meet the demand of their countrymen and later export the province’s fresh vegetables to neighboring countries. “It’s good news that production of fresh vegetables and fruits is increasing each year,” said Salih Rahman, a resident of Jalalabad. He added that the traders should first sell the country’s products inside of the country and then export them to other countries. According to Nangarhar agriculture department, there are more than 100 greenhouses in the province where various fresh vegetables are cultivated and produced. Meanwhile, the production of fresh fruits particularly strawberry has increasing in eastern Nangarhar province comparing to previous years. Strawberry has been cultivated on 30 acres of land in six districts of eastern Nangarhar province with each acre producing 800 kilograms of strawberry. The land fruit was grown in two districts in the past but due to the decent revenue, it generated the farmers four more districts switched to on their lands. Farmers are satisfied from the profit of strawberries and called on other farmers to grow strawberries. Head of Nangarhar Canal Mawlavi Ghulam Rahman Kazim has said that currently, cultivation of strawberries has doubled as farmers are now satisfied from the profit, adding that production of this fresh fruit has increased this year comparing to previous year.A number of Nangarhar people are also happy about the increasing production of strawberry in the province. “We appreciate the province’s agricultural staff for their attention to agriculture and helping the province’s farmers in the cultivation of fresh vegetables and fruits,” said Asmatullah, a resident of Nangarhar. He hoped that with increasing the production of fresh vegetables and fruits in the province, more people would get opportunities to work in this field, asking the Islamic Emirate to pay further attention to the agriculture sector in the country. It is worth mentioning that currently, the strawberries are cultivated on 30 acres of land in Dara-i-Noor, Sra Rood, Behsud, Bati Kot, Khogiani and Kama districts and every acre is producing 400 kilograms of strawberries. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.