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French maternity hospital offers health services discount

KABUL: During a ceremony the French Medical Institute announced that they have considered a discount for the treatment of mothers and children.
In the ceremony held at the French Medical Institute, the officials of this institute announced that the Institute intends to provide the best quality health services at the lowest prices reduction of prices for the treatment of mothers and children.
Meanwhile, the high cost of treatment in private hospitals is one of the people concerns.
Scores of people refer to private hospital due to overcrowding in public hospitals and lack of attention to patients, but they also face many problems in private hospitals, including the high cost of treatment, which is one of those problems. .
According to a number of Afghan citizens, the treatment of mothers in the obstetrics and gynecology department should be free of charge, but unfortunately, some private hospitals in the gynecology department charge 20,000 to 30,000 for the delivery of children, although this cost is very expensive, It is impossible for them, but they are forced to pay for the their patients.
They ask the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan especially health institutions to modernize public hospital and survey the gynecology private hospitals because they charges a lot of fees on patients. It should be said, that the French Institute already has a charitable department opened by the Aga Khan to give discounts to patients, but this discount is very small, more attention should be paid in this regard because the majority of Afghans have economic problems and they cannot treat their patients in the hospital.
It is hoped that the French Medical Institute has considered a good discount for the treatment of mothers and children. If mothers are treated in time, the deaths of children and mothers will be prevented.
According to reports released by the United Nations Population Fund, a mother dies every two hours in Afghanistan as a result of childbirth and pregnancy-related complications.
Masouda Qarizada

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