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Freedom, sacrifices two inseparable words

The Palestinian Muslims have a long history of fighting against the Israeli invaders to free their land from the invasion of the Zionist Israeli regime.

If we go through the history of the battle between truth and falsehood, it is clear that the side of truth has always won the battle and falsehood has been defeated and rooted out despite all the possibilities and equipment. The battles and confrontations against falsehood are not that easy or cheap to win, and not the followers of falsehood have sat aside to watch after the defeat, but winning battles requires countless sacrifices, homelessness, and lots of problems, and the followers of falsehood when defeated raise up again. The war between the Palestinian Muslims and the occupying Israelis is not new as it started after the migration of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to Madina, but it has appeared in different forms and shapes throughout history. In 1948, the Jews with the close support of the West brought some of the Muslim areas under their control in Palestine. They then slowly expanded their controlling areas and eventually captured some parts of Syria and Lebanon. The Palestinian Muslims have a long history of fighting against the Israeli invaders to free their land from the invasion of the Zionist Israeli regime. The Palestinian resistance is getting stronger and gaining international support by passing each single day. Nearly a month and a half ago, on October 7th, the alQassam military branch of the Hamas movement carried out widespread attacks on Israeli targets, resulting in the killing of thousands of Israelis and the abducting of hundreds more. The attacks on Israel were considered as the most shocking ones on the Zionist occupation in the history of the Israeli-Palestinian war. In response to these widespread attacks, the Israeli army launched unprecedented airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. After some time, they also launched ground attacks on the Gaza Strip. Although tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians were martyred and millions more were displaced in these terrible and blind bombings, the Hamas movement has achieved considerable victories in both political and military fields. In the military field, the Hamas movement inflicted unprecedented financial and human losses on Israeli invaders and stopped them from reaching their goals. The Israeli regime proudly said that it would root out Hamas this time, free its prisoners by force, and never accept a ceasefire before achieving its goals. However, after six weeks of continuous bombardments and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip, the Israeli regime did not reach their goals so far, but they sustained increasing casualties instead. Besides, domestic pressures have increased on them to reach an agreement with Hamas on the release of prisoners. With all its pride and power, the Israeli regime was finally forced to reach a temporary ceasefire with Hamas through the mediation of Qatar and Egypt. Based on this decision, Hamas did release dozens of Israeli prisoners, and Israel also released hundreds of Palestinians mostly women and children. The war showed that freedom is the result of sacrifices, freedom and bravery are two inseparable words, and no one has taken freedom and independence without sacrifices, bravery and heroism, nor has they reached their goals. Abu Sufia

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