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Freedom of expression should be guaranteed in peace talks, Danesh

KABUL: Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in a meeting held to mark the National Journalist Day said freedom of expression should be guaranteed in the ongoing peace talks with the government armed oppositions, his office said in a statement the other day.
He said freedom of expression originates from the human dignity and any censorship was in fact a negation to rationality, independence and human dignity, said the vice-president.
“Freedom of expression was a symbol of democracy in the society and dictator systems would never reflect it as they believe it against their favor,” Danesh added.
Pointing to the impact of the freedom of expression on good governance, the country’s second vice-president said freedom of expression was the best way for reforms and war on corruption and a hindrance to the misuse of power by government officials.
Touching on the peace talks and what would be the place of the freedom of expression in the process and welcoming the ongoing peace process with the Taliban, he said peace negotiations should make sure that freedom of expression was guaranteed in the process.
He thanked the country’s allies for their efforts in restoration of peace in Afghanistan, the statement continued.
The vice-president went on as saying that journalists were freedom fighters and they should be admired as the freedom-fighters.
Danesh advised journalists to understand their responsibly under the sensitive conditions as they are duty-bound to consider the country’s national interests and play their effective role in the strengthening of national unity of the people of Afghanistan, according to the statement.
Speaking at the ceremony, the United Nations Special Envoy to Afghanistan praised Afghanistan decision to name a day as the national journalist day and said that the UN was ready to expand its cooperation with the freedom of expression and journalists in the country.
A representative from the Kabul based British Embassy, also expressed pleasure over the naming a day for journalist and said the move would give a good message to democracy in Afghanistan, the statement continued.
Speaking on this occasion, Aqa Hussain Fazel Sancharaki the deputy publication minister of information and culture praised the country’s vice-president about supporting freedom of expression and journalists and said that the government has made tremendous efforts in the field of access to information, journalists rights protection and freedom of expression in the country, the latest of which is naming Hoot 27, as the national day of journalist in Afghanistan.
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