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Four residential townships’ detailed plans approved

By: Shukria Kohistani

The authorities of ministry of urban development and lands reported this ministry approved the detailed plans of four residential towerships to be constructed in Logar province.
Acting minister of urban development and lands, Mohammad Jawad Paikar addressing a meeting held in Logar and attended by Logar governor, mayor of Pul-i-Alam and Mohammad Agha district administrator, people’s deputy at the house of people and representatives of civil society, the detailed plans of four townships was approved.
Mohammad Jawad Paikar said despite Logar province is one of provinces that is close to Kabul but the fundamental and development works are unfading and in some cases, even this province is deprived.
Acting minister of urban development and lands regarding this province one of his ministry’s priorities and laid emphasize with implementation of development projects, considerable changes would be occurred in social and economic life of our compatriots.
Considering high demand of compatriots for residential houses, he added that the national policy of residential houses was arranged and approved by president Ghani.
This policy arranged in a manner that with its implementation, the requirements of our compatriots would be removed as a whole within upcoming few years.
Based on information of ministry of urban development and lands, within upcoming three years, with construction and distribution of 200000 houses, the requirements of great number of our compatriots would be removed and according to plan, in near future, this ministry is decided that 192000 plots of land would be distributed to the teachers as well.
Paikar continued that the process of implementation of great national and public utility projects began in Logar province.
This ministry laying emphasize that for public prosperity, regular development and growth of economy of Logar province, a board of experts at the level of that province should be established, Paikar stated.
Governor of Logar province Mohammad Anwar Khan Ishaqzai and a number of people’s representatives in parliament thanked for cooperation and support of ministry of urban development and lands and approval of detailed plans of four abovementioned townships and regarded this measure important and vital for the people of this province.
He laid emphasize on implementation of development projects, creation of working opportunities for better livelihood and providing necessary facilities for the life of people of this province.
Martyr’s township would be built in area of 751 acre of land and enjoying 600 plots of land and 1000 apartments by this ministry.
Teachers’ township to be built in and area of 300 acres of government land and would possess 962 residential plots.
Karta-i-Mamorin township would be built in area of 1200 acres government land, would enjoy from 1714 residential plots in area of Mir Abdal located in capital city of the province.
Similarly, the township of Ashab-i-Baba would be built as modern and standardized in an area of 3000 government land and possessing of 3643 residential plots in Mohammad Agha that with implementation of this project, over 50000 people would own residential apartments.
At the same time, the people of this province welcome this measure of ministry of urban development and lands and hope this township to be built and completed and laid at the disposal of people.
Majority of people living in districts of this province are facing with the problem of shelter that the government should pay attention in the connection. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.