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Four reasons why Modi’s BJP swept key India regional elections

0India’s right-wing ruling party has scored a resounding victory in regional elections, wresting control of key states in a major boost to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is set to bid for a third term in national elections in May. In the elections concluded on Sunday, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) snatched Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh states from the opposition Indian National Congress party and registered a record fifth term in central Madhya Pradesh. The defeat of the secular Congress party in the three states – which send 62 members to the national parliament – is a bellwether that dashes its hopes of coming back to power at the national level. Experts say the grand old party, which led India’s independence struggle against the British colonial power, needs to recalibrate its strategy as Modi has successfully pushed Hindu nationalism to the centre of Indian politics. The Congress party, however, managed to win in the southern Telangana state, home to the IT hub of Hyderabad, highlighting the north-south divide. The party also governs Karnataka state – home to Bengaluru city, known as India’s Silicon Valley. The BJP has still a limited electoral presence in the country’s relatively more prosperous southern states. Here are the four reasons attributed to the BJP’s latest victory: The BJP, which was seen as pro-business and pro-urban party during its initial years, has successfully expanded its base. It has launched numerous welfare schemes to burnish its pro-poor credentials. Many of the schemes such as cash transfers, free rations and affordable gas cylinders launched by the central government led by Modi have been popular with voters amid high unemployment, an ailing agriculture sector and rising inequality. Modi boasted his government’s efforts to help the poor during his campaign. The government claims more than 800 million people are provided with free rations, highlighting skewed economic growth in the world’s most populous nation. The BJP ascended to the national political scene in the early 1990s on the back of a movement to build a temple for the Ram deity in place of a medieval-era Babri mosque, which was demolished by Hindu groups allied with the party in 1992. Aljazeera

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