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Four development projects inaugurated in Kabul, municipality

KABUL: Kabul Mayor Mawlavi Abdul Rashid, on Tuesday, in an official ceremony, inaugurated four development projects worth 80 million Afghani (some 1,2 million U.S. dollars) in the capital Kabul. During the inauguration of Dehdana, Chilhil Sutun, and Dehasht-e-Padola roads in the 7th district and Siyah Sang road in the 8th district, Mawlavi Rashid said that the Islamic Emirate is making efforts to implement various development projects in the populated part of the country, as construction work on dozens of projects were underway in all corners of Afghanistan, especially in the capital Kabul. Assuring the Islamic Emirate’s commitment in addressing the challenges of the citizens of Kabul city, Mawlavi Rashid said: “The IEA, especially Kabul Municipality is making efforts to implement various development projects in the capital Kabul; therefore, all citizens should also pay attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of the city and roads, because keeping the city clean is not the only responsibility of the municipality.” Meanwhile, a representative of the Kabul Municipality Nematullah Barakzai, said that the projects with different widths and lengths have been implemented and their budgets have also been provided from the revenue of the Kabul Municipality. “The leadership of Kabul municipality has started 150 projects worth over 5 billion Afghani in various parts the Kabul city, that some projects have been completed and some of them are in progress,” said Barakzai, adding dozens of development projects will be launched in different parts of the Kabul in the near future. Babrak Qayumi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.