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Found historical relics handed over to MoIC provincial directorate

KABUL: Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Rahmani a cultural activist in Kandahar handed over two historical relics to the provincial Information and Culture Directorate, Bakhtar News Agency BNA reported.
The historical objects included an ancient copper jug and a copper tray, dating back to one hundred years, the agency said.
“I obtained the relics from an ordinary resident who wanted to sell them as scrap metals”, the agency quoted Rahmani as saying.
The historical relics have been handed over to the Kandahar’s Information and Culture Directorate to be protected from theft and smugglings.
Deputy Director of Information and Culture, Mullah Shamsullah Samim, thanked Mawlavi Abdul Rahman Rahmani and said he had done a great job to save the ancient objects.
He asked other citizens to hand over their historical relics to the Kandahar museum for preservation.
Earlier over ten old-aged gunshots have also been handed over to the Kandahar Provincial Information and Culture Directorate.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.