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Former Soviet Union’s forces defeat should be a lesson to all world occupants

On Jaddi 6, 1358, December 27, 1979, the former Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan; a move against all international law. The former Red Army promptly established puppet regimes and since then attempted ruthlessly and systematically to destroy the ability of the Afghan people to resist, but despite years of occupation, they have not been able to subdue the proud and Muslim people of Afghanistan. As a result of the long war, some 5 million Afghans have fled the ravages of the Soviet Union troops on their homeland and the oppression they imposed. Over 1 million Afghans have also been martyred and tens of thousands of others wounded as a result. The occupants destroyed crops, factories, homes, schools and mosques and sought to deprive the whole Afghan nation of the means to support and feed themselves and to sustain their culture and their faith. But, this is clear that the Afghan people will not be conquered and with an abiding faith in Allah the almighty and a passionate love of freedom, they showed the world what price the freedom-loving people of Afghanistan are willing to pay for remaining independent. As of now, which the west and its allies, failed to continue their raids in Afghanistan and lost their resistance against the Islamic Emirate and withdrew from the country, the Islamic system is firm and committed to resolutely supporting and defending the Muslim nation and their territorial integrity and national sovereignty. The forced withdrawal of the former Red Army occupants and the shameful defeat of the Americans and other of their criminal alliances, from Afghanistan, should be a clear example and an irrevocable lesson for all world invaders who are planning to return to Afghanistan. “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls on all nations, both in the region and beyond, to fulfill their responsibilities in establishing and securing good and strong relationships according to Islamic principles.” This should not be forgotten that the Muslim people of Afghanistan would stay alongside the Islamic Emirate Mujahedeen and devotees, to defend the country as they did over the past two decades of foreigner’s brutal occupation of Afghanistan. Let’s pray for unity among the entire tribes of Afghanistan and stability and durability of the Islamic Emirate and development of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.