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Former president asks people to remain and help Afghanistan

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Tuesday called on the people to remain calm, to not be afraid and also appealed to both the Afghan government and the Taliban to accelerate efforts for peace. He also asked Afghan people to remain and help their country.
Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Karzai called on the Taliban to end the violence and work to secure peace. “You will soon witness meaningful resumption of serious negotiations on peace,” Karzai said. He also called on the Afghan government to accelerate their efforts for peace.
“The war in Afghanistan is a foreign war. Salvation from this war is the way of brotherhood. We will reach peace. In the coming days, the government will witness negotiations. I call on the government not to waste opportunities. The Taliban will not succeed in capturing the districts. No foreigner will trample on us until we become our own means,” he said.
Karzai told Afghans to have faith in themselves, to stay in the country and to free themselves from fear. Meanwhile, in response to a question about Turkey’s role in securing Kabul’s airport, the gateway into Afghanistan, Karzai said Turkey is a friend of Afghanistan and that he hopes Afghanistan will witness “good days” through the cooperation agreement with Turkey.
Karzai also said that he would back any group that represents the will of the people of Afghanistan. “The leadership of the country and the determination of the government of the country are not within the power of individuals; It belongs to the will of the Afghan people.
Through the will of the Afghan people, we accept the leadership of everyone, provided that it represents the will of the individual of Afghanistan,” Karzai said.
Karzai said that the reason he held the conference is to give self-confidence to the people. “I have come today to dispel your fears. We must have self-confidence,” he added.
Karzai also called on Afghans who worked for foreigners, who want to leave the country, to rather stay and help build their country. “Don’t go with the foreigners, stay here you did nothing wrong,” he said.
“Don’t go with them and don’t accept their proposal, they [foreigners] use your energy and knowledge in their country. Stay home and serve your country. You did not commit a crime, that they now have to take you with them,” he said.
Karzai also urged the Taliban not to destroy facilities built over the past two decades. “The facilities do not belong to the foreigners but to Afghans, I am asking the Taliban do not destroy roads, bridges and culverts.”
He further added: “We have built national army and police for this land, and we have built a system out of nothing, we must maintain our government institutions by any means.”

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