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Former corrupt leaders have no people support

A number of so-called Afghan politicians and former purported Jihadi leaders have met in Turky to show themselves once again defender of the people.
Apparently absurd, the meeting was attended by a handful former government elusive corrupt members who did nothing for the destitute Afghans over the last more than twenty years, but rather looted their property and invested outside the country.
Apparently, the current situation of Afghanistan – but in fact their own interests – were the main focus, has which caused them to get together in the house of one of their collaborators, who have built castles from the blood of the people abroad.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is ready to talk with all opposition parties and wants them to return home and live peacefully, but any military momentum against the Islamic system would seriously be responded.
Afghanistan would never be a place to be used by the warlords and power mafia anymore. They have lost the opportunities over the last more than twenty years, during which they could do more for the people and the country but did not. They did everything for themselves and for the future of their offspring only.
They have no place in the hearth of the people of Afghanistan.
They killed thousands of people in various names and made millions of others miserable. There is no difference between them and those practically involved in bloodshed and killing of the people of Afghanistan.
The international community and all stakeholder countries in Afghanistan issue have now realized the fact that former government officials were badly corrupts. They created discord and separation among different tribes of the country. Even they themselves failed to agree on a simple issue.
Under the commission for the return and communication with former Afghan personalities, the IEA welcomes any Afghan leaving abroad to return home and take part in the reconstruction and development of the country.
So, the so-called political parties or jihadi leaders should prove that if their recent move was in the interest of peace and stability of the country, the whole Afghan nation welcomes this, but if they resort to military action and fuel war against the Islamic system, then they would be suppressed with all power.
The people of Afghanistan will not allow them to reach their goals. They will not allow their property looted anymore. They will defend their Islamic system and Islamic values.
Afghanistan wants peaceful relations with the whole world countries and the international community including all friendly nations are asked to cooperate with the legal system in fighting all kinds of insurgency to provide the country a safe hub for both national and international investors.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.