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Foreign troops withdrawal to strengthen national sovereignty of Afghanistan: President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani spoke with members of the Afghan Women’s Network about the new chapter of cooperation with international community after the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, the peace process, and addressing women’s demands here yesterday afternoon at the presidential palace.

At the outset, the first lady informed about the consensus of women’s demands in the peace process and said that today Afghan women have their own voice and no one can trade on their rights. Members of the Afghan Women’s Network emphasized women’s participation in the peace process, the protection of the republic, the elimination of the information gap, and the continuation of major national projects.

After listening to their demands and suggestions, President Ghani said that “the Afghan constitution does not allow me to trade on women’s rights and that women’s participation in the peace process has been ensured”, adding that the peace process is free from ambiguity and that any decision is based on people’s will.

The President noted that the withdrawal of international forces will strengthen the national sovereignty of Afghanistan. He also said that the narrative of the region is changing and a new chapter of cooperation is beginning with international partners, adding that there is now a better opportunity for peace than ever before.

Referring to the start of serious talks with Pakistan in the next few weeks, the president said that Pakistan no longer has the opportunity to extort money from the United States over the presence of international forces in Afghanistan, asking the neighboring country to Choose between friendship or enmity with Afghanistan.

The President said that the main decision regarding peace will be made inside Afghanistan and the final decision will be made by Afghans. The president also said that from now on Afghan government is the main side of talks, adding “we do not participate in any peace talks as a guest, but as the main owner of the process.”

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.