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Foreign troops withdrawal both challenge & opportunity for Afghanistan, VP

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh says if foreign force have reached their goals and have no reason to stay, Afghanistan welcomes and respects their decision, but Afghans have not reached their goals; therefore, we should keep on our effort to resist. Second vice president also stated that although foreign troop withdrawal would create challenge, there have been lots of opportunities provided for a national mobility to fight terrorism.
“For time being, maintaining peace is undoubtedly our top priorities, but besides that defending the republic and its values is also our priorities,” said Danesh, speaking in a ceremony held on the occasion of marking World Press Freedom Day.
Pointing to starting US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, second vice president said democracy and freedom of expression was not something granted to a nation from outside, adding that more efforts were needed to pave the way for implementation of its principles.
Danesh also by pointing to peace talks and preparations of Afghanistan government said the republic side should reach to a single vision and plan in connection with peace talks, adding that there were different visions in mechanism and execution of plans but in most issues the republic side has consensus. Related to Afghanistan government plan for peace, second vice president said the government’s peace plan was based on establishment of a peace partnership government with agreement of both sides but with protection of the country’s constitution and accepting some amendments in it with continued legitimacy of the system and transition to the next phase through public elections even if held soon.




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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.