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Foreign intel behind consecutive blasts in Afghanistan

Soon after forced withdrawal of the U.S. troops from the country, American-trained Afghan forces readily collapsed in the face of a concerted push by Islamic the Emirate mujahidin.
By the Islamic Emirate’s takeover of Afghanistan and return of the Islamic system, certain malicious groups backed by foreign intelligence, intensified deadly attacks in most parts of the country, including the capital.
Scores of blasts mostly on civilians took place, targeting education centers and public sites, claiming tens of lives in Kabul and many provinces of the country.
Recent reports from Balkh, one of the country’s most populated northern provinces, said that suicide bombers blew their packed explosive vests in front of a mosque, inflecting heavy casualties on the prayers.
Elsewhere, in northern province of Kunduz, a number of civilians were killed and as many wounded, when a roadside bomb hit a vehicle, while another roadside improvised explosive device was blown up, leaving many civilians dead or wounded in the eastern province of Nangarhar.
At least two children were wounded, following two back-to-back blasts that hit a school, in Company area of the capital Kabul; the same in other provinces, such as Takhar and Faryab in the north.
This is a clear fact that international intelligence networks are undeniably behind all tragic incidents happening in Afghanistan, as they have tried to turn Afghanistan a ground for their proxy wars over the last 20 years.
As there is a grave rivalry between the west and east, the IS (the so-called Islamic State’s Khurasan branch or Daesh) is regularly used by some western intelligence agencies as a means against the east.
On the other hand, some certain intelligence circles in both the west and Europe are fueling Islamophobia to challenge any Islamic systems as they do not want Islamic governments to strengthen their pillars and substantialize their real and basic programs in the region and the world.
So, they incite and provide fund, support and shelter for extremist groups, through their puppet regimes to carry out their anti-Islamic activities to convert the real feature of Islam and defame Islamic systems around the world.
The current situation of Afghanistan is a clear example of world notorious intelligence circles’ efforts to join hands to introduce the Islamic Emirate as an extremist system enforcing a harsh brand of Islamic justice.
So, sometimes they want to create religious, linguistic, racial and tribal discriminations among the Afghans while sometimes motivate armed insurgents against the Islamic system.
As the history proved neither the people nor the Islamic Emirate would allow aliens to reach their goals by luring and sending armed militants to disturb their security.
To prevent all kinds of militancy and shun their destructive plans and most importantly, insurgents’ infiltration into the country’s borders, there is a grave need for the people cooperation with the Islamic Emirate security forces.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.