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Foreign forces committed crimes in Afghanistan should be brought to justice

23 Dec 2009, Helmand Province, Afghanistan --- US Marines of 3rd Recon Battalion, USMC detain a suspected Taliban insurgent during operations in the Washir Valley, Helmand Province. US Marines from 3rd Recon Battalion patrolled through the Washir Valley in late December, entering villages in an attempt to draw attacks from suspected Taliban elements located in the area. While no ambushes were laid, the Marines took 5 detainees who are suspected of operating mortars and/or building improvised explosive devices. --- Image by ?? Bryan Denton/Corbis

Those who claimed to have been human rights supporters committed a crime against humanity, during their deployment in Afghanistan, the example of which is not seen in the world. With the slogan of providing support and help for the war and poverty suffered Afghans, they did nothing except bloodshed and other crimes against humanity in the country. How the world turns a blind eye to the innocent people of Afghanistan who have freshly emerged from long-imposed wars and are now seeking cooperation to develop under sure security, after the Islamic Emirate resumption of power nearly two years ago. They have not raided any other nation, nor killed any of other countries’ nationals but remain home to win a loaf of bread and support their children. In 2010, when thousands of foreign forces invaded Afghanistan to fight for their own interests within the so-called coalition forces, the Australian soldiers intentionally killed tens of innocent Afghans and wounded many others in the country’s southern Uruzgan province. The locality of Kakrag, in the provincial capital Trinkot City, was not a warzone nor there was any anti-former government armed opposition, but the merciless foreign occupant forces flew bombers and opened fire at everyone indiscriminately. Sixty people including women and children, young and elderlies lost their lives during the brutal raid. In the village, there was no grave left without a corpse. During foreign forces occupation of the country, thousands of Afghans have been killed or wounded by the invaders and their two consecutive domestic puppet regimes. Only, on July 5, 2010 scores of people including innocent women and children have lost their lives, in the deadly raids of the Australian forces who claimed they have come to protect civilians and save them from war and destruction. Aircraft have reportedly raided the locality of Trinkot city, where there were only innocent ordinary people; children and their parents, while the ruthless occupant forces spared no efforts to attack on them and shed their bloods, but none of the criminal soldiers have been taken to justice and no step had been taken by their government to pursue them and investigate into their files. On November 27, 2022, reports said that 13 Australian Special Forces soldiers faced dismissal in relation to a report on the unlawful killings. The International Criminal Court (ICC) should do its best to identify those committed the mass murder to ensure their right to justice. If the world considers itself the real defender of human rights the perpetrators should be tracked down and brought to justice, besides paying compensation to the families of the victims.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.