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Foreign entities should be equipped with professional security guards

Explosions, late on Monday, once again, martyred or injured some civilians including a police of the Islamic Emirate, in the country’s capital Kabul, where in the past few weeks, three similar incidents took lives of several and wounded some others.
At least five Chinese citizens, according to its embassy, have been confirmed injured in the latest bombing incidents, after a Chinese-run hotel was targeted by bombers on Monday afternoon.
“More than a dozen Chinese citizens were in the hotel at the time of the attack in which five Chinese citizens were injured,” according to Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu who added: “Immediately after the incident, the embassy activated the emergency response system and sent a working group to the scene to assist Afghan side in rescue treatment and personnel resettlement.
The attack received strong condemnations from national and international organizations as well as many world countries’ governments.
Also, over the past few days, a gunman attacked head of the Pakistani diplomatic mission, west of the country’s capital, injuring one of his guards, while another hit office of one of the country’s jihadi leaders, killing one and injuring two others.
In fact, the nature of the incident is bad and condemnable and this should seriously be prevented.
This is very important for both the security organs of the Islamic Emirate and foreign entities operational in Afghanistan to take joint measures for cracking down on illegal armed groups including the so-called Islamic State or any other bands who want to deteriorate security of the people and foreign diplomatic missions and foreign businessmen who are interested in investment in the country.
Foreign entities in cooperation with the security agencies of the IEA, should get access to professional security guards.
Their security should be tightened by special units from professional security forces who are well-trained in this field. Also on the side of the Islamic Emirate, the related security organs should cooperate the foreign entities in this field by training and providing special security units.
This is not an easy task to fully take the security of hundreds of entities in a country where, the country’s security forces are still launching search operations to disarm illegal armed men and collect weapons and ammunitions everywhere found.
In the meantime, an urgent cooperation of the ordinary people with the security agencies is also a must, as it could be part of a coordinated plan to undeniably help the country successfully get rid of criminal activities as well as overcome any insurgencies nationwide.
On the other hand, people can play a key role in identifying the perpetrators behind any criminal activities and destructive activities, as anywhere in the world a shared cooperation and coordination between security forces and the people has managed to identify criminals and bring them to justice.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.