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Foreign-backed-intelligent circles threat to Afghanistan

Ramadan is a holy month in Islam. In Islamic jurisprudence, observing Ramadan in terms of donating, charity, helping others, addressing people’s concerns, and praising Allah (SWT) are all strongly encouraged and rewarded. During the holy month of Ramadan, however, Afghanistan was hit by dozens of attacks/explosions, killing hundreds of civilians and staining Mosques and schools with the blood of those who came to learn. Hundreds of children, girls, boys, and the elderly were killed in a series of attacks/explosions in Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kundoz, and Herat provinces this week, eliciting strong condemnation across the country.
For the first time in over five decades, Afghanistan is governed by a single central government and political leadership. For 44 years, Afghanistan has been united under a single government. Since 1978, when Afghan communist groups backed by the Soviet Union conducted a coup, the country has been without a cohesive central government. Since then, until August 15th, 2021, Afghanistan had never had a unified government. In practice, Afghanistan was split between warring parties and several factions backed by regional and international powers, making war the only viable option.
Thank God, Afghans saw a united and secure Afghanistan on August 15th, 2021 – a liberated Afghanistan with unparalleled security throughout the country. The occupation of Afghanistan by the United States and NATO, as well as their savagery, has come to an end, and the country has returned to the hands of its true sons. Unprecedented levels of security and confidence hung over the country.
In contrast, during the US and NATO occupation of Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021, conflict, bombardment, explosions, and terror swept throughout the country. Even major cities, such as Kabul, were not safe after you left the districts and outlying areas. On a daily basis, 300 Afghans died as a result of the US-led conflict in the country. Afghans had been living as though they were prisoners, with insufficient protection to travel between regions and vice versa.
Some observers claim that the US/NATO-sponsored silent intelligence rings in Afghanistan have been dissolved. The United States had abandoned the country, and its puppet Afghan government had disintegrated. Recent horrific attacks/explosions, on the other hand, have cast doubt on the aforementioned findings, demonstrating that the napped-intelligence circles have not yet dissolved. They rebuilt their relationships and networks in recent months and were able to link with their command centers overseas. The United States and Afghanistan’s neighbors never forsake Afghanistan and continue to meddle in every way they can. As long as they can, mercenary cells sponsored by the US and regional powers continue to insecure Afghanistan and dishonor the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA). These circles are rapidly reorganizing in order to react to Afghanistan’s new reality.
Recent attacks/explosions by US and its regional puppet – governments funded intelligence organizations appear to be proof of their existence. Only intelligence principles justify attacks on civilians and sacred locations such as mosques, schools, and funerals. Other ways of thinking/concepts do not justify the attack on those infrastructures. To achieve their goals, state-sponsored organizations commit any crime or brutality. Regardless of who the victims are.
In fact, becoming an Islamic government is unbearable to the United States and other Afghanistan-neighboring countries. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is the only country on earth that claims to fully apply Islamic laws and systems. This is in direct opposition to what the United States and our neighbors want from Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Islamic way of life in Afghanistan challenges our neighboring countries and makes them doubt their own existence in front of their own people. Because neighboring states impose policies that are contrary to the wishes of the people. As a result, neighboring governments, with the help of the United States, destabilize Afghanistan and jeopardize its unique security.
Finally, the IEA is going through a tough phase. Given the unpredictability of the situation, the IEA’s political and leadership abilities are being put to the test in order to demonstrate its ability to rule and lead.
The adversaries are focusing their efforts on smearing IEA and, if feasible, inciting individuals to rebel/revolt against the organization. As a result, it is incumbent on both the IEA and the general public to work together to thwart the opponents’ conspiracies and murderous machinations in Afghanistan. Security and stability cannot be achieved without the collaboration of the government and the people.
We (government and people) must work together to build a strong iron wall against our merciless foes in order to have a brighter, more secure, and stable future.

By: Nasratullah Haqpal

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