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Food prices should remain stable in Ramadan

Other Islamic countries, during the holy month of Ramadan, decrease in the prices of food items. Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, as well as the neighboring countries of Iran and Pakistan, are used to control the prices of essential foods, even their national traders and shopkeepers themselves willingly decrease food item prices when the holy month of fasting days gets nearer. However, currently, the prices of essential and basic food items such as flour, cooking oil, meat, fruits, etc. are relatively stable in the markets. Even in Western countries, especially during religious occasions, this would be found that the prices of key food items are stable even lower than other ordinary items. It is said that there are usually long queues of customers standing in front of shops early in the morning during occasional dais waiting to receive food with a drop in the prices. Some countries’ ministries of commerce have been reportedly tasked to appoint an audit committee to control the basic food prices across the countries. But in Afghanistan, when media persons walk along Kabul city and other major cities of the country to cover issues about the food prices, the interviewees would delightedly comment about hikes in the prices, particularly during the past two consequent governments, the officials of which had only been looting public property but not paying attention to the citizens’ situation. Everywhere, in the country, people were complaining about hikes in prices, but fortunately, after the fall of the past regimes and takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate, the prices situation had not gone out of control and the related municipality team is still working hard to control the prices and bring the violators to the law. As most of our essential items are imported from abroad, particularly the neighboring countries, the prices are a little higher than what is being produced at home, but the prices should not be out of control and the food item sellers should be abandoned with their own choices to overrate the essentials to the costumers. This is a matter of pleasure that the Kabul Municipality has freshly sent its teams to different areas to once again control the prices, amid the holy fasting month as the Afghan citizens cannot afford the prices out of their economic capacity. Alongside efforts by the Islamic Emirate-related organs, mainly the Kabul Municipality, the country’s national traders should also offer food essentials at low prices. The charity organizations; including national and international aid agencies should also provide flour, rice and other edible items for free in order to help the poverty-suffered residents undergo the holy month with peace of mind.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.