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Food insecurity should be fought as poverty still persists in the country

In its recent report, the World Food Program (WFP) has said that it wanted to provide critical food assistance to thousands of people with food insecurity in Afghanistan. The organization reported more than 1.3 million acutely food insecure people across the country and that it will help them for up to one year through the funding which it received from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Earlier, the bank announced that it approved $400 million in grants to protect the welfare and livelihoods of vulnerable Afghans, particularly women and girls and ease the adverse impact of the ongoing humanitarian crisis and added that millions of U.S. dollars in grants will go to the WFP for the purpose. The UN’s Food Agency meanwhile, welcomed the contribution by the Asian Development Bank and said that a “special focus will be on widow- and women-headed households and other highly vulnerable groups like people with disabilities or families surviving solely on begging.” The World Bank, in its recent report, highlighted the Afghan economic conditions and said that the Afghan economy was expected to hover around no-growth territory this year. Indeed, Afghanistan’s economy is still fragile and relies heavily on external support as well as the country’s private sector is weak and there is a need for humanitarian assistance for the poverty-stricken country. However, it cannot have a significant influence on the economic conditions and cannot have a significant impact on the reduction of poverty in the country but is important to alleviate the humanitarian crisis. Also, sanctions on the Afghan economic sector should be lifted and vital plans should be applied to improve the country’s economic sector as this is clear that stability and economic growth can be earned through investment in the infrastructure of the country. Also, the international community should take responsible steps in easing sanctions and the release of the country’s assets and on the part of the Islamic Emirate, the related organs should firmly step up in providing job opportunities for the people as much as they can. Mining sector should be strengthened, more economic projects should be kicked off and further jobs should be created within the government offices to help thousands of unemployed people get involved in work to support their families. The measure can be effective for both bolstering the country’s economy and fighting food insecurity of hundreds of thousands of people in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.