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FM Muttaqi, UN special coordinator for Afghanistan discuss Doha meeting

KABU: The Acting Foreign Minister Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi, in a meeting, with UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan Feridun Sinirlioðlu, discussed the upcoming UN-led meeting on Afghanistan in Doha the capital of Qatar, the ministry said in av statement Tuesday. The two sides discussed the recent diplomatic breakthroughs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) and the upcoming UNled meeting in Doha, capital of Qatar, the statement said. Addressing the meeting, Muttaqi shared information about the outcome of the “Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative” meeting in Kabul and the acceptance of the IEA ambassador’s credentials by Chinese President Xi Jinping, to UN Special Coordinator for Afghanistan and reiterated the IEA’s desire for constructive interaction with the international community, according to the statement. He also reiterated Kabul’s position on the UN Security Council Resolution 2721, welcomed positive points of in the independent assessment of Sinirlioðlu and insisted there was no need to appoint a new special representative in the presence of UNAMA and an independent central government in Afghanistan, the statement added. Meanwhile, the United Nations Special Coordinator for Afghanistan Feridun Sinirlioðlu said that I have underlined greater international diplomatic presence in Kabul. Sinirlioðlu said he had closely observed the “Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative” meeting last week and congratulated the MoFA for its successful conduct He presented information about his visits and discussions on the Doha meeting and emphasized the meeting’s goal was fostering ongoing international engagement with Afghanistan to further political progress. In his independent assessment he had requested the diplomatic presence of countries in Kabul should be increased, discussions held on removing sanctions on Da Afghanistan Bank and technical and development assistance to Afghanistan resumed. The UN special coordinator hoped the World Bank would make a positive decision about Afghanistan in the near future. The coordinator said MoFA had been invited to the meeting in Doha, adding that an agreement had been reached on inviting Afghanistan. Muttaqi called the Doha meeting a significant opportunity for Afghanistan, noting the IEA would decide on attendance after learning more about its composition and agenda. Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister for Political Affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir confirmed that the IEA representative had been invited to the meeting on Afghanistan in Doha. The UN-led meeting in the Qatari capital is scheduled for February 18 and 19. Highlighting the importance of dialogues and meetings to address the issues in Afghanistan, an Afghan political expert on international relations, expresses optimism about the potential positive outcomes of this upcoming meeting. “This negotiation and its potential sustainability have the potential to bring about positive changes for Afghanistan, breaking free from the current impasse and fostering constructive solutions in Afghanistan’s interactions with the world,” the political expert said. Some other experts, however, are skeptical about the results of such meetings to solve the issues in Afghanistan. They believe that the history of holding such meetings in the past two years, the insufficient competence of the United Nations, and the approach and vision of world powers toward Afghanistan are among the factors that may affect the positive outcome of such meetings. “Western countries are not looking for stability and security inside Afghanistan, they are trying to create a crisis in Afghanistan because peace and stability in Afghanistan will shorten their intervention in Afghanistan and the region,” another expert on international relations said. Nesar Ahmad

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