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Flyovers on Kabul squares to ease traffic jam

Kabul Municipality is planning to construct a flyover bridge in Baraki square of Kabul city to ease traffic jam. Kabul, the capital, has heavy traffic during morning and evening. Kabul residents are stuck in traffic for hours due to heavy traffic jams in the city.
A flyover is constructed over the road for the purpose of traffic management. It can be constructed over the railway or existing roadway. Nowadays, the use of these flyovers has become a common engineering term in big cities where traffic is hard to manage.
Kabul Municipality has recently stepped up to cease traffic jams in the capital of Kabul. Therefore, the municipality is working to sign a contract for the construction of a flyover on Baraki square to better manage the traffic.
Following complaints of Kabul residents in connection with heavy traffic in Kabul city, the municipality is now working to find a solution to manage the heavy traffic in the city. Kabul residents are asking the municipality to construct more flyovers on most of the squares to manage the heavy traffic in the city.
As the traffic volume on the road goes on adding due to which we don’t have any space left in both the dimensions, there is the only option left will be to go to the third dimension and that is carried out through flyover construction on the cities.
Flyovers are usually constructed at important road junctions. A flyover addresses only 2 direct or straight traffic flows, while it would imply that the traffic at junction could be effectively managed through signals and this would result in easing the traffic flow at the Junction.
It is worth mentioning that the advantages of flyovers are that they play a major role in streamlining the traffic control system. Through flyovers, plenty of time is saved and it helps avoid congestion. Pollution effect is reduced; risk of accidents is reduced, saves motorists and commuters’ time as well as fuel and also contributes a lot to the aesthetics of the city. Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.