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Flourishing carpet industry in Kunduz

Carpet traders in Kunduz are pleased with the expansion of their enterprises, which they attribute to increased exports of local carpets to international countries. They indicate that this year’s business has improved dramatically in comparison to past years, with a large growth in carpet exports to international markets. A carpet seller from Kunduz said, “Our company has grown significantly this year. The demand for our carpets has increased, and we have successfully sold a large quantity to other countries.” The rise in demand has not only increased sales but also brought international prominence to Kunduz carpets, which are famed for their quality and craftsmanship. The region’s weavers are likewise pleased with the improved work prospects created by the growing demand for local carpets. They underline that the relevance and global renown of local carpets have resulted in increased support for carpet weavers, creating additional job options for individuals. A weaver stated, “The greater recognition of our carpets has led to more job prospects for us. People now support carpet weaving more than ever before, which helps us maintain our skill and livelihood.” This development occurs at a time when the Islamic Emirate’s leadership has continuously stressed support for the nation’s handicrafts and private industry. By fostering a climate that is favorable to investors, they have encouraged them to fund local businesses like carpet weaving. The government is working hard to give these industries more assistance and investment opportunities because they recognize how important the private sector and traditional crafts are to the development of the national economy. The expansion of Kunduz’s carpet industry has been greatly aided by the government’s ongoing assistance. The government has contributed to the growth of the local economy and given many people stable means of subsistence by supporting local craftsmen and creating an atmosphere that is conducive to entrepreneurship. “We are committed to supporting the private sector and traditional industries,” said a government official. Our objective is to establish a prosperous business climate that benefits the surrounding communities as well as the investors.” The growth of the carpet business also emphasizes the importance of carpet weaving to Afghan culture. Afghan carpets are widely sought after in international markets due to their exceptional quality and elaborate designs. The prosperity of Kunduz’s carpet industry is a credit to the talent and commitment of the regional craftspeople, who are keeping this age-old trade alive. In addition to boosting the regional economy, the growing export of carpets from Kunduz raises awareness of Afghanistan’s cultural legacy worldwide. The carpets are highly sought after and appreciated globally, representing the nation’s rich history and artistry. With the government’s ongoing backing and the ongoing demand for Afghan carpets, the carpet industry in Kunduz is expected to continue growing and developing in the future. The weavers and carpet dealers in the area are positive about the future and want to continue sharing their wonderful craft with as many people as possible. The carpet industry in Kunduz has expanded dramatically as a result of higher exports and government assistance. The growth of this industry not only boosts the regional economy but also preserves and advances Afghanistan’s artistic heritage. The Kunduz carpet industry, which offers longterm livelihoods and economic success for the region, has a bright future due to the persistent dedication of the carpet weavers and the supportive marketplace initiated by the authorities. Safi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.