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Floods affected Afghans need more aids, as harsh winter due to arrives

The recent heavy downpours and flash floods inflected
heavy life and property losses on the people of Afghani
Tens of people have lost their lives and thousands others injured or displaced, as strong torrential rains and floods tore through mud-made houses in some parts of Afghanistan, particularly, in southern and eastern zones of the country.
The natural disaster, which has caused human tragedy in some parts of the country, is unprecedented over the last decades in Afghanistan.
Thousands of Afghan families have not only lost their loved ones and live savings but also their livelihoods.
Across the provinces affected by the floods, thousands of acres of orchards once packed with apricots, almonds, pomegranates, apples, grapes and peaches were destroyed by the fast flow of water mixed with mud and stone.
Farms’ agricultural products, in most parts of the flood affected areas have been washed out; leaving thousands of breadwinners empty-handed who failed to provide livelihood for their families.
Earlier, in two eastern provinces of the country, earthquake hit some districts leaving more than 1,000 people dead and over 15,000 others injured. Wide number of residential houses has been destroyed, completely or partially in the deadly natural incident.
The poverty-stricken people are not capable of rebuilding their houses, while the cold weather is ahead.
The international community and friendly nations provided urgent aids to the people affected by natural disasters.
Recently, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has urged all member states and other countries across the world to urgently channel life-saving aid for flood-hit Afghans.
The OIC representative confirmed that vulnerable families and children have desperately needed support in coming days and weeks.
The Afghan people and the government of the IEA are grateful of the world countries for the flow of their humanitarian aids to the destitute and natural disaster affected Afghans, but they are in need of urgent assistance and shelter, as harsh winter is due to arrive.
All aid agencies and international donors are asked to keep humanitarian aids continue for the Afghan people affected by floods and other natural incidents, particularly during the upcoming harsh climate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.