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Flood-hit people helped food, non-food items, ANDMA

By: Shukria Kohistani

As a result of harsh rainfalls and floods, in a number of provinces of the country 21 people were killed.
Deputy minister for Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) Mohammad Aslam Saias told recently media, the reports reached from Herat, Ghor and Ghazni provinces indicate that so far, as a result of rainfalls and floods, 21 people lost their lives that children are also among victims.
According to Saias a result of these floods, 221 residential quarters have been damaged or partially demolished.
In some provinces of the country, as a result of these floods, roads, agricultural lands, canals and severs are also suffered heavy damages. Saias added.
Deputy for ANDMA continued that they dispatched food and non-food items to flood-hit provinces and survey began to help needies.
In a briefing to media, Ghor governor, Ghulam Nasser Khazeh told yesterday that a vast area of agricultural fields came under water or damaged, head-dams, particles and streams as well as transportation roads are demolished that is in need of national and international assistance.
The reports reached from Herat and Ghazni narrate about huge losses suffered by people.
The floods washed away agricultural fields and inflicted much losses to their houses.
This is in a time that last week, the UN released a report about unpleasant human situation in the country.
The report indicates that before occurrence of flood, at least, 6.3 million Afghan drought-hit children were in need of humanitarian assistance.
In this report, the UN says that at least, 300000 people were displaced because of drought in the country.
According to this organization, consecutive drought and also recent floods faced Afghan people with unpleasant humane situation.
It should be mentioned that recent floods not only affected provinces but in Kabul too, some houses have been damaged which were built at the bank of Kabul river, such as Qala-i-Zaman Khan. Guzragah etc.
At the same time, harsh floods faced the Jam Minaret to collapse.
The Jam minaret is one of great historical monuments of Afghanistan that is recognized by UNESCO as one of historical and cultural heritages of the world.
The spokesman of Ghor governor Abdul Hai Khatibi has said that the hotel built beside Jam minaret by UNESCO has been also damaged.
He added that parts of supportive wall of Jam minaret which was built by joint cooperation of UNESCO and USAID is also demolished.
According to Khatibi, the residential people of area also made effort to prevent from penetration of water to the layers of Jam minaret.
This is in a time that Afghanistan not only facing with the threats of insecurities but every year, this country targeted by natural disasters that as a result heavy material losses and casualties inflicted on it. 

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