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Flights resumption helps bolster economy, expand relationsa

All flights have been suspended soon after the Islamic Emirate took power in mid-August 2021. But, this was not something to last long. Everything, including the resumption of flights, got better, a few months after the skirt of security and trust prevailed on the country and the regional and world countries found that apart from some malicious groups’ propaganda, the Islamic system wants to expand its good relations with the world. In a fresh move, the direct Balkh-Jeddah flights resumed, with a takeoff of once a week, the departure would transport scores of travelers between the two Afghan and Saudi Arabia cities. The fresh departure reportedly had 121 passengers mostly from Balkh, as well as from Kabul and other neighboring provinces. The Balkh-Jeddah flights resumption was warmly welcomed by the Afghan citizens, particularly the citizens of the country’s ancient Balkh province, as they believe that a big part of their travel problems has now been meet through the helpful plan. During Hajj programs, thousands of pilgrims had to travel to Kabul to be transported to Makkah city of Saudi Arabia, but now, they can easily travel there through the Mawlana Jalaluddin Mohammad Balkhi airport. The airbase is also hoped to be used for other international destinations, as the citizens asked the Islamic Emirate authorities to facilitate the issue. The authorities are making efforts to restart flights to India and Iran in the near future, a move that would help thousands of Afghan travelers easily visit the neighboring and regional countries. Also, according to the authorities, Fly Dubai will also, resume flights to Afghanistan next month and international flights from the European Union and the U.S. have also resumed the use of Afghanistan airspace. Kabul-Delhi flights and flights from Kabul to Urumqi have already resumed. Other flights between Kabul and Moscow and from Kabul to Qatar and vice-versa have also been resumed. The resumption of flights between Afghanistan and the neighboring countries clearly indicates that the relation between the Islamic Emirate and the world is expanding and that most of the world countries, including some of the neighboring and regional countries are trusting in the prevailed security in Afghanistan and are now sure that they can resume firm relation with Afghanistan, through resumption of flights and efforts to develop mutual economic interests. Other neighboring countries such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the rest of the central Asian countries should also strengthen their relations with Afghanistan and resume their direct flights and ground travel between the two countries and help the two nations continue their friendly relations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.