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Flash floods kill scores in Nuristan province

KABUL: At least 15 people were killed in Nuristan’s Kamdesh district late on Wednesday night, an official said.
Heavy flash triggered by torrential rains worst hit several areas, in Kamdish district of the province, early Wednesday night, the provincial natural disaster management agency said in a statement, released to media.
“Kammo, Pati Gul, Baz Gul, Gordes, Saret and Chinar areas of the Kamdesh district have been hit by heavy rainfalls and floods, resulting in the death of 15 people,” according to the statement.
Large areas of lands and dozens of houses have also been washed out by the floods, the statement added.
Two days ago, more than 30 people have died and more than 20 others were injured in flooding in the Shinwari and Siagard districts of Parwan province.
According to the head of the provincial department of Information and Culture, Shams Rahman Sadeqqi, said that hundreds of houses have been destroyed.
Around 100 people are missing as the flooding happened in Shinwari and Siagard districts of the province.
Relatives transporting the dead body of an 80-year-old woman said that the flood took the lives of dozens of others as well, a private media reported.
“Two of my nephews and a young girl were killed by the flood,” said Hayatullah, a relative of the women.
“It was a disaster, it came and hit a big village. There is nothing remaining of the village,” said Mohammad Usman, a relative told the private Tolonews TV channel.
The residents said that the flood inflicted heavy financial losses on them.
“There were 96 houses. All of them are destroyed,” said Meer Ahmad, a resident.
“The number of deaths is around 30 and wounded is 95,” Parwan Governor Obaidullah Ameenzada said.
The State Ministry for Disaster Management said that nine people were killed by floods in Kapisa and Nangarhar provinces.
“The floods also flowed in Kapisa, where five people were killed. Due to floods in Nangarhar, four people were killed,” said Mohammad Naseem Haqqani, a spokesman for the state ministry.
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