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Flash floods damage dozens of homes, farmlands in southern provinces

One day following the floods in three provinces which claimed life of 20 people, the Meteorology Department warns on possible fearful floods in a number of northern and northeastern provinces.
A source of meteorology Department said that recent snowfalls and rains have been unprecedented in the last 30 years and descending of fearful floods are possible in the next three months in a number of provinces. The snowfalls are beyond norm.
The source requested the State Ministry for Counter Disasters to have essential preparations against floods.
The source clarified that the flood- hit people in three provinces are in urgent need of assistance.
Prior to this, the C.S.O had also warned on possible rains, snow and avalanches in a number of provinces.
The authorities of the State Ministry for Counter-Disasters (SMCD)said that their teams have already been involved to assist flood-hits in Kandahar, Herat and Helmand provinces. According to these teams, in the wake of floods in these three provinces, 20 people were killed and 10 injured.
Spokesman of S.D.C.D Ahmad Tameem Azimi said that since the beginning of Jan 2019, over 13000 people were damaged due to floods and avalanches and have received food and non-food packs as well as cash aids.
Azimi added, in the wake of recent floods and avalanches during current winter acrossthe country, 75 people died and 46 injured, 620 houses destroyed and 389 partially damaged.
Recent heavy rains during the last two days have caused floods in some provinces, spokesman of provincial governor of Helmand, Omar Zhowak said that as a result of floods on Thursday evening on March 1, six people were killed and 7 injured and local authorities rushed to help and rescue the trapped people.
Reports from Herat province said that following recent floods, 2 people died in Shindand district and large areas of arable fields destroyed.
Spokesman of Herat governor Jailani Farhad said that floods are possible in a number of other districts. Emergency teams have been sent to affected areas to support needy people. Spokesman of Kandahar provincial governor, Aziz Ahmad Azizi said that in the wake of recent floods in Kandahar city and a number of districts, damages and casualties have been inflicted to local people including Panjwayee district. According to Kandahar authorities 10 people were killed and hundreds houses were destroyed due to recent floods.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.