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Five school buildings repaired in Jawzjan

SHEBERGHAN: The repair work of five school buildings costing 14 million Afghani (some 160,580 U.S. dollars) have been completed in the country’s northern province of Jawzjan, a statement from the provincial director of information and culture said the other day.
The repair of 5 school buildings in Aqcheh, Khanqah and Khajah Dukoh districts of this province was completed today (Tuesday), the directorate said in the statement.
Mawlavi Mohammad Tahir Javad, the head of education in Jawzjan province, said that the repairing process of the schools has been completed by the ACTED office.
According to the head of education of Jawzjan, 3 thousand students who have been facing many problems during cold and hot seasons due to lack of proper buildings, are now in a safe and secure education environment in the province.
According to Jawad, the construction and repair work of these school buildings, took nearly 14 million Afghani to complete, the budget of which has been paid by the Norwegian government.
Engineer Amanullah Amin, a provincial official of the ACTED office in Jawzjan, said that the institution has rebuilt the school buildings with the financial assistance of Norway and coordination of the provincial Department of Education of Jawzjan.
According to the statement, the repair of the five school buildings has been completed in four months.
According to the statement, the buildings of up to 110 schools that have been partially destroyed will be restored in the coming year.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.