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Five Afghan marketable fruits

Afghanistan is an agricultural country which produces divers high quality and extremely delicious fresh and dried fruits. Majority of these products are exported abroad and are one of the best sources of income for farmers, horticultures and traders.
Farmers lack profession knowledge on fostering of fruits, horticulture, control of herbal diseases and use of insecticides. The government and officials of agriculture and irrigation and livestock breading are making efforts to overcome these problems. These five marketable fruits include:
Pomegranate of Kandahar:
It is one of the reputable fruits throughout Afghanistan and the world, popular among people and marketable with highest quality, delicious, juicy and accessible. In current year about 150000 tonnes pomegranates have been harvested in Kandahar. This year’s harvest is qualitatively and quantitatively unprecedented while last year harvest was 125000 ton.
This year, over 8000 hector lands were planted pomegranate and so far over 26564 tonnes pomegranates have been exported from Kandahar. Customers of Kandahar pomegranate are mainly Pakistan, UAE and India. Out of 26564 tonnes, over 50 tonnes to Dubai, 30 tonnes to India and the rest were exported to Pakistan.
7kg pomegranate is supplied in Kandahar domestic marketsAfs 300 and at present over 10000 people are involved in horticulture and during the current year over 2500 hectar lands were changed to pomegranate gardens.
Jujube of Farah:
This year over 3600 tonnes Jujube have been produced in Farah province and producers and traders have earned over Afs1.800b from its sale. Farah red gold or Jujube is part of medicinal herbs which grows uninvitedly or planted by the hand of farmers and currently over 1200 hectar lands are under cultivation mainly in Posh-e-Koh, QalaKah, Poshtrood, Bakva, Balablook and center of Farah. 6000 people directly and 18000 indirectly are involved in Jujube growing.
One kg processed Jujube is supplied Afs 1000 while same quantity unprocessed is supplied Afs 600.
Every year three tones Jujube of Farah is exported for pharmaceutical purposes mainly to Asian and European countries while fresh Jujube is consumed inside the province and the dried is exported.
Maidan Wardak apple:
Wardak apple is produced in plenty but due to lack of suitable market is supplied in low price in local market. Despite of drought, apple harvest increased and reached to 90000 tonnes this year. Hundreds jerib lands have been planted apple trees and it has been included the food menu of ANSF.
Although considerable quantity of apple is perished every year, but over 50000 tonnes are exported. Apple fields cover an area of 24395 jerib.
Dykondi Almond:
In current year over 13000 tonnes almond have been harvested in Dykondi despite of drough and severe cold.
Nearly 15000 hectar lands are planted almond trees and great number of farmers support their families through this business. 24 kinds of almonds are produced there.
7kgSatarbayee almond and 7kgSangak almond are supplied in local markets Afs 4000-5000 and 600-700 respectively.
90% of this harvest are exported to adjacent provinces as well as abroad.
Black peanut:
This is another expensive dried fruits in Afghanistan. This fruits is with highest nutritional value and is a good income source for farmers mainly in Eastern Afghanistan.
Before this fruit was exported from Khost province to Pakistan and after processing it was re-exported with Pakistan trade-market to China. But after opening of Kabul- China air corridor, hereafter, it would be directly exported to China with Afghanistan trader-mark. The first peanut consignment of 3000 tonnes was already exported to China. Every day 30 tonnes are exported to China. Currently 23000 tonnes black peanut were harvested.
Prior to this annually over 10000 tonnes Afghan black peanuts were exported from Pakistan to China.
Now the income from direct exports of Afghan black peanut is expected to reach Afs one billion.
Ali Ahmad

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