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Fighting poverty to start after peace restored in Afghanistan, UN

However, peace efforts are ongoing, UN officials in Afghanistan said fighting poverty would start once peace is restored throughout the country.
54 percent of Afghans are living under poverty line, thus, real fighting against poverty would start once peace is prevailed in Afghanistan, UN deputy said.
Emphasizing on holding presidential elections, he added Afghans should decide by their own when to hold the elections.
Expressing concern on the amount living under poverty line, UN officials said over fifteen million people don’t have food safety in Afghanistan whom eat food once in a day.
What is going on to restore peace would directly affect the lives of 36 million Afghans, UN deputy went on to say.
Peace efforts going on today would increase the people’s problems if put off for tomorrow, he continued.
He believes if peace is not restored in Afghanistan, considering population growth, the country’s population would double and economic challenges such as lack of water and drought would get more.
This comes as experts call lack of infrastructural plans and security among the factors that would help pave the way for poverty’s intensification.
“Unfortunately, lack of security is the biggest challenge that would negatively affect all fields particularly economic,” a Kabul university lecturer Saifuddin Saihoun said.
If the government had paid heed on underground and infrastructural resources over the last seventeen years, now, there would be no poverty in this country, he added.
He added the people of Afghanistan have experienced years of war and crisis, therefore, they are thirsty of peace. If peace is restored all-over the country, poverty will be eliminated, he stated.
Unfortunately, due to drought, the number of internally displaced peoples has increasedover the last years and they are now in dire need of urgent aids.
Expressing concern over condition of internally displaced peoples (IDPs), an expert Mohammad Modaqiq said unfortunately, the government of Afghanistan could not have any specific plan to IDPs and addressing droughts’ problems in different parts of the country.
-As the security situation has deteriorated in some parts of the country, a number of our countrymen left their homes and moved to secure provinces, thus, the government should find a solution to restore security in areas facing security threats so the displaced people go back to their homes, he added. This is while much effort have so far been made to ensure peace in the country, but unfortunately, the process could yet to succeed due to different reasons.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.