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Female students unable to study in unsecured provinces

By: The Kabul Times

Dozens of female students are unable to study in unsecured provinces of Afghanistan due to the ongoing insecurities throughout the country. These female college students want to shift to safer provinces’ universities.
Demonstrating in Kabul on Thursday, dozens of female university students said they can’t continue studying in unsecured provinces and want to shift to other provinces to study.
Interviewing with the Azadi Radio, Karima, one of the female demonstrators, said that her family is worried and will not allow her to continue studying in unsecured provinces’ universities and stay in dormitories anymore. “We request that we can’t study in unsecured provinces’ universities, anymore, due to problems. We want to continue our studies in our own province’s universities”, she said.
The female students have said that many female students joined the demonstration from different provinces of Afghanistan who had been studying for a long time in the Afghan provinces’ universities. According to them, the security situation has changed in the provinces of Afghanistan compared to the previous years, and to continue studying in unsecured provinces’ universities has caused troubles for their families and themselves.
One of the medical students in the university of Nangarhar province said: “My family says that they will not allow me to stay in students’ houses and continue studying in university during this turbulent situation. There is some other married college student whose families [husbands] do not allow them to study in unsecured provinces. Their families say that the government should shift them to their own provinces’ universities”. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) said that there are special procedures and regulations for the students who change their universities.
But Hamed Obaidi, MoHE’s spokesperson said that the ongoing insecurities in Afghanistan’s provinces is a vital issue and the Ministry of Higher Education will have to discuss and decide about it with the students themselves. “Those students who have demonstrated to change their universities from unsecured provinces should come and talk to Ministry of Higher Education. The ministry will absolutely talk to the students and take a decision”, he said.
This is while the ongoing wars in Afghanistan have increased and many Afghan districts and provinces, including Helmand, Kandahar, Herat, Jawzjan, and Takhar, have faced attacks by the Taliban.
According to the Reports, thousands have fled or trying to flee their homes due to the battles between the Afghan national forces and the Taliban. The situation has affected many branches including the education and higher education sectors in Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.