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Fasting cures physical diseases

Muslims attach very high importance, respectation and particular position to holy month of Ramadan and prepare themselves to celebrate this blessful month.
With the advent of this spiritual month, the muslims saturate their soul and spirit enthusiastically with giving of food to poor and needy people, worship, recitation of holy Quran, praying, giving alms.
Besides having material and physical aspects, human being enjoy spiritual and moral aspects too. To achieve each one, requires particular measures and efforts. One of these measures for improvement and growth of spiritual aspect is virtue and abstinence. Namely if a human being want to improve his spiritual growth aspect, and achieve highest desires, he should bridle his soul, remove growth obstacles gradually and avoid involvement in sensual desires. Fasting is very effective and useful in this direction.
Fasting relaxes soul, heart and body and causes physical health. Today’s medical sciences have proven that fasting leaves great effect on relaxation of soul and physical health of people.
Fasting removes fats, coordinate pressure, cures diabetes. Fasting reminds us the situation of poors and destitutes during thirst and hunger and force us to support them.
Due to thirst and hunger, a fasting muslim became humble, prostrate, meek and submissive.
Fasting causes mankind to avoid sensual desires and leads him/her to achieve reward. Fasting learn to rich and well-to-do muslims to realize hardship of thirst and hunger to which the poors are at close quarters and pay Zakat from their wealth to deserving people.
Lailatulqadr is one of the nights which is better than thousands months and in this night the Angels advent at the order of Allah and determine the total predestinations of servants of Allah during the upcoming year. In this night one can think on his/her last years’ deed and evaluate them and paving of proper way can set up the best destiny to himself.
The abovementioned virtues are for those who realize the facts and practice them in action and materialize them. The fasting and holy month of Ramadan don’t leave positive impact on those who only suffer from thirst and starvation and clean the bless of fasting with sin. If a person reads verses of holy Quran but doesn’t act upon them, he/she gets no rewards.
A fasting muslim should keep all his/her limbs away from illegal words and sayings and actions and be loyal sincerely to Quranic orders and instructions. He/she should exploit virtues of holy month of Ramadan and fasting to achieve spiritual success.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.