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Farmers should abide by law, avoid poppy cultivation

Some local sources confirmed a series of tragic incidents happened in the country’s northern province of Badakhashan, where, a poppy eradication campaign is underway. Despite the decree of the Islamic Emirate Supreme Leader, some local people resorted to the cultivation of the vicious plant in some parts of the mountainous province. The security forces of the Islamic Emirate wanted to destroy the wide fields with poppy farms, but some offending farmers stood against them, opposing the eradication process. This is a regrettable incident and a heartbreaking report released by some locals and went viral on social media about the confrontation of people and security forces. This is not tolerable; neither by the Islamic Emirate nor by the people that some offenders attempt to attack the security forces involved in the fight against poppy cultivation, which unfortunately resulted in tragic events. The counter-narcotics forces had to disperse the offenders in the area, where they had to do their duties. Some offenders have been reportedly sustained injury in the incident. This is a good and effective measure adopted by the Islamic Emirate Prime Minister’s office to soon investigate the incident through a committee formed to investigate the poppy eradication process and the incident erupted in Badakhshan province. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office said that in accordance with the decree issued by Esteemd Amir-ul-Momineen (May Allah protect him) to combat the cultivation and smuggling of poppy, efforts to prevent poppy cultivation are underway throughout the country. “As poppy cultivation has been observed in certain districts of Badakhshan province. Efforts have commenced to eradicate poppy cultivation in order to eliminate this detrimental plant and its associated smuggling”, the statement said adding the decree extends to all regions without exception. The country’s farmers should remain obedient to the entire decrees of the Supreme Leader and avoid any disobedience of his orders. On the other hand, the security forces and the special forces deployed to eradicate poppy, should carefully deal with the farmers and implement the law without committing violence against the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.