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Farmers demand fair market as tomato yields increased in Baghlan

PULI KHUMRI: Tomato yields eye-catchingly have increased in the country’s northern province of Baghlan, the provincial Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Department said in a statement Tuesday. The provincial media Head of the Agriculture and Livestock Department Waliullah Amarkhel said that farmers were offered proper advice and seeds this year, which led to increase in tomato yield, according to the statement. “More than 898 acres of land were grown with tomatoes last year in Baghlan, producing 22,000 tons of the vegetable, but tomatoes were grown on the same amount of land this year as well and its yield registered a three percent increase comparing to the previous year,” the statement quoted Amarkhil as saying. Meanwhile, a number of farmers said that the tomato harvest is significantly high this year, but its prices are negligibly low, causing them financial losses, asking the government to provide them with cold storage and fair market in the province, according to the statement. Abdul Hai, a farmer of Tara Khel village of Dehna Ghori dis trict of the province said that he used to cultivate tomatoes on his one acre of land every year. “The yield of tomatoes is remarkable this year but its prices in the market are very low and cannot even meet the input cost,” he said. He added that seven kilos of tomatoes are sold for 25 or 30 Afghani in the market which cannot cover the expenses of tractor plough and fertilizers. Ahmadzai, another farmer in the same area, held similar views and said: “The farmers pay 1,800 Afghani for an hour work of tractor, a 50-kilogram bag of fertilizer is sold for 2,500 Afghani, if we sell seven kilos of tomatoes for 30 Afghani, it does not make any profit and even less than the expenses.” Mohammad Nabi Naibi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.