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False hope behind Afghans’ mass departure abroad

Since the last nearly four months, thousands of Afghans left their country, with the hope reaching a prosperous life abroad.
This is sad news, to see the country losing its capable and talented individuals, most of them well-qualified and experienced young cadres.
This is not a matter of now, but also of the past. As soon as some Afghans, mostly government officials could find an opportunity in a country, where they are on official tour, they run away and go to the homes of their friends or relatives and then request for refuge.
In the past they assumed there was no peace and they will not feel safety in Afghanistan, while nowadays, by each passing day, it seems more and more people are trying to leave merely for a false hope to embrace prosperity.
This is not right that they think they will essentially reach a prosperous life, once they get out of their home country.
But the fact is that they will be relocated and settled with miserable life inside refuge comps in the western and European countries.
So, they should stay in their home country, as they can help change and improve the situation of their land, where they have studied and gotten enough experiences at all levels to serve their nation.
As Amir-ul-Muminin (the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) advised, no Afghan should leave their country as they will face harsh economic, security, human challenges as well as deterrent moral acts in other countries.
Those Afghans who are trying to leave the country under the pretext of political or economic problems, and some want resettlement in the western countries with their family members including women and children,
then will face some security, moral and other human problems for various reasons, said the country’s leader in a statement issued late on last week.
Indeed, they will encounter bad conditions on the roads or inside the camps, which will incredibly sadden their relatives and every Afghan.
In the alien countries, their beliefs, morals and spiritual values will undeniably be endangered and for merely receiving a residence permit, they are made for desecration and blasphemy against Islam and the Islamic system. On the other side, all countrymen should be aware of what would happen to them after leaving the country. Instead of spending their professional merit and capability for the country’s welfare and development, they are employed for ordinary works even despicable activities in foreign  countries.
Their problems are listened and considered by the relevant organs, their security are ensured and all kinds of their businesses are secured inside the country.
Likewise, the religious scholars should remain in direct contact with them and hold consultation with all those Afghans planning departure from the country The live and property of businessmen, entrepreneurs and professional cadres would be secured and no one would be allowed to intimidate them or create obstacles to their activities.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.