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‘Failed countries preventing IEA interaction with international community’

Over the past more than two decades of foreign forces occupation of Afghanistan, some countries wanted their own goals implemented instead of doing something for the poverty-affected nation. They prolonged war and bloodshed, created discord among various friendly and brother Afghan tribes to seek their own interest and have their own nasty goals reached. It is clear that the main aim of their invasion of Afghanistan and pouring billions of dollars, was not to serve the Afghans or help them get rid of long miseries. They wanted to weaken Afghanistan enough to become a battlefield for their proxy wars in the region as they avoid direct confrontation with their rivals. They created the worst-ever obstacle before ensuring security, fighting corruption and even failing to reach a lasting peace and institutionalize good governance in Afghanistan during their presence of more than 20 years. This was what the Islamic Emirate Spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid frequently reiterated. He said some countries that failed to reach their goals in Afghanistan over the past 20 years, are preventing the Islamic Emirate government from a better and positive engagement with the world. He added that a number of countries are eager to interact with the Islamic Emirate, but those countries failed to reach their goals and ‘shamefully’ left Afghanistan, are not still ready to positively engage with the Islamic Emirate, in addition, they are creating obstacles to other nations to have good engagement with the Islamic government. This should also be noted that the Islamic Emirate will not accept all demands of these countries for its recognition or at least securing a positive engagement with the international community. Afghanistan is an independent country and wants to remain independent in maintaining its position and developing its internal affairs. Imposing restrictions or continuing to pressure on the Islamic Emirate and its members will do nothing except creating gap between Afghanistan and the international community and keeping the long-suffered Afghans in trouble. Regarding women’s work and education, the Islamic Emirate has never rejected the two important issues, as this will take enough time to set a working procedure and schooling curriculum but has repeatedly said that a commission was working on girls’ education and would share the results with the Ulama Council for taking the final decision. Lifting sanctions will pave the way for a positive, improved, trusted and strong interaction between the Islamic Emirate and the international community and this will also pave the way for softening relations of the current Islamic system with the whole world nations.  Also, the world should not be deceived by the failed countries with malicious aims in Afghanistan, where they left shamefully. Countries interested in good engagement with the Islamic Emirate should act independently towards recognition of the current Afghan government.  On the other hand, a positive interaction and releasing billions of dollars in the country’s assets will help the country get rid of the humanitarian crisis and further strengthen relations between the Islamic Emirate and the international community.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.