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Eying more U.S.’s financial eases, IEA ensures good governance

The U.S. Treasury Department has reportedly issued a new license facilitating commercial and financial transactions with Afghanistan.
The new move by the U.S. was said to have been designed to revive some commercial activities halted after the Islamic Emirate took power of the country in mid August last year.
Reports quoting officials, said that the U.S.-imposed curb on the country’s central bank, was not aimed to damage trade that could
help steer Afghanistan out of the ongoing economic and humanitarian crisis. “Our action today recognizes that in light of this dire crisis, it is essential that we address concerns that sanctions inhibit commercial and financial activity,” said Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo.
The measure, which was warmly welcomed by the banking systems and the people of Afghanistan, facilitates several governing institutions, including Da Afghanistan Bank. This is a clear fact that the sanctions will never weaken the leaders and members of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan nor the frozen assets belong to certain people, but would only lay negative impact on the ordinary people fragile economy.

Luckily, the recently issued license by the U.S. Department of Treasury would allow transactions involve all of the country’s governing organs.

Based on the UN agencies engaged in Afghanistan to aid the economically affected Afghans, nearly 24 million people, more than 50 percent of Afghanistan’s population, are at risk of severe hunger. This is a constructive step taken by the U.S. Treasury Department and a way forward to gradually soften the U.S. policies towards the IEA and the world to step up in restoration of good relations with Afghanistan.
The country’s Central Bank also welcomed and extended its gratitude and appreciation to the U.S. Department of Treasury for issuing the license that facilitates commercial activities and financial relations with Afghanistan.
“The license facilitates a broader range of commercial activities in the country to enable Afghanistan to maintain commercial relationships with all countries of the world,” the CB said in a statement. Earlier last week, one of the senior member of the Islamic Emirate leadership expressed his good omen over the gradually flexibility of the world, particularly the U.S. in resuming and tightening good relations in political and economic terms with Afghanistan, saying: “Efforts for recognition continues gradually in hidden.”
As the real representative of the people of Afghanistan, the IEA
is moving forward to ensure a countrywide good governance,
and to reach the goal, there is a need for help from the international community, particularly the world’s economic powers.
The people of Afghanistan are now happy for what the government had done for them, in term of education which is now being eased, as both girls and boys are now joining universities, female employees are still in offices and regularly being paid their salaries and ultimately, the overall situations are going normal.
So, as one of the long key stakeholders in Afghanistan issues, the U.S. has no reason to persist in not releasing the frozen
national assets nor the world to avoid recognizing the Islamic Emirate and pay the Afghan people their legal and political rights.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.