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Eyal Waldman: Israeli tech billionaire hopes for peace despite daughter’s killing

Danielle Waldman danced the last dance of her young life some time before dawn on 7 October. Soon afterwards she and her friends had to run for their lives, but they never made it home. There is a record of her final moments – a brief video, recorded on a phone. It gives only a hint of the horrors to come. The 24-year-old sits in the back seat of a car with two friends – strands of her long curly hair escaping from her grey hoodie. All three are casually dressed. There are fleeting smiles and overlapping voices, and a glimpse of blue wrist bands from the Supernova trance music festival they have just attended. They are trying to remain calm, but they are being hunted. Danielle’s boyfriend Noam Shai is in front, behind the wheel. “Want me to drive very, very fast?” he asks. “I know how to do that.” “Correct,” replies a female passenger. A bearded young man sitting beside Danielle tries to provide reassurance. “We will be all right,” he says. “Everything is ok, right?” Next, from the front, an urgent demand – “left, or right?” Then the video ends. Minutes later Hamas gunmen riddled the car with bullets. Noam, Danielle, and their friends in the back seat were killed – as were nearly 360 other Israelis who went to dance at the festival in the Negev desert near the Gaza border. bbc

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.